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Hi! I'm a wife and mother to two very little active girls! When I'm not chasing them around, I'm online scouring blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest looking at all things inspiring!

Over the Rainbow Birthday Party

We celebrated my daughter’s 5th birthday with rainbows!! She’s a little artist and loves coloring rainbows so I thought it was fitting to celebrate her birthday “rainbow” style. Her art inspired me to create the theme and we used her artwork for the invitation. We celebrated her birthday at home and wanted to keep it intimate. We thought it would be a fun idea to do some painting and crafts and throw in a rainbow piñata of course.
I used tons of streamers to create the rainbows, white balloons and paper flowers for clouds, and also made clouds out of poster board. Super easy and inexpensive way to create colorful decorations. The backdrop in the dining room took a little more time to make, but so well worth it. I got creative and purchased metallic white door streamers at Party City and hung streamers from it. A couple big confetti balloons and a big #5 balloon finished the look!
What a fun birthday and a pretty special one too!

Lea’s Sweet Dreams Big Girl Bedroom

Once Lea outgrew her crib, it was time for her “big girl” bedroom. I wanted the new look to work with some of the pieces that were in her room already. The bookcase and pink chest were two pieces I refurbished that were in her nursery so I definitely wanted to keep those. Who wants to reinvent the whole wheel again. Not this mama!!
I started with the quilt I found in the Pillowfort Collection at Target and worked off that with the colors. I absolutely love how all the colors came together. I painted the room Opal Essence from Benjamin Moore and it turned out to be such a pretty paint color. I wanted her room to still feel like a little girls room. She is 3 and I’m not ready at all to make her room feel too grown up yet. There is plenty of time for that. I still kept her newborn prints and incorporated those to make a gallery wall with a piece of art I’ve had for years and the paper butterflies really added a playful touch. I took her glider out and replaced it with a chair and ottoman I scored on Craigslist. The color and style couldn’t have been more perfect. The white peacock headboard adds a bit of whimsy to make it more of an eclectic look rather than too traditional and the paper flowers dressed it up so sweetl