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Patchi Cancado

Patchi Cancado

I am passionate about all things design, from interior design to textiles, to fashion and architecture. My designs are simple yet bold and all inspired by geometric shapes and colorful patterns. Originally from Brazil, I visit my home country every so often, and I always come back with some of my favorite cookies and lots of inspiration for Trendy Peas.

I am a designer, art director and design blog writer. My career started in advertising before I switched my focus and launched my online store in 2009. Serving as Creative Director for Trendy Peas, I am responsible for the design, material sourcing, photography and store packaging.

A perfect day for me involves a morning workout session, new creations from my studio, coffee with my sister and business partner Raquel, and lots of family time with my hubby and three young children. I am always trying to find that balance between work and family. If I am not designing, I am picking up toys.

– Patchi, Trendy Peas 

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