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Michelle Freedberg

Michelle FreedbergCreating a nursery is an intimate process. I often equate it to purchasing a wedding dress (and we all know how fun, stressful and meaningful that journey can be). It’s not only exciting because you’re anticipating the birth of your child, but it’s symbolic as it’s one of the first choices you make as a parent for your child. My best piece of advice is to bring in elements that mean something to you and make you feel a certain way when you look at them—a favorite color on the wall, an old baseball glove that belonged to your grandfather, a framed piece of art you created as a child—all the while staying true to your personal sense of style.

Being a mom to Stella and Nate has taught me so much about decorating a home for a child. Every room has a piece of them in it, from a pile of toys to an artistic masterpiece. A perfect room to me is a balanced synergy between rustic, classic and relaxed with a splash of modern. I adore a beat up leather chair, a rusted pair of candlesticks and a fluffy couch with an abundance of bold pillows. My favorite decorating secret is the art of redecorating—making your most beloved objects fresh and exciting by relocating, refurbishing or reinventing their uses. I am never afraid to try new things and go out of my comfort zone. Choices I thought might end up being disasters have often turned out to be some of my favorites.

– Michelle Freedberg, Bellini

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