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Sabrina Eliasoph

My life is so busy and chaotic with the activities of my three kids that I can’t believe it felt like something was missing. Yet after six rewarding years of being a full-time mom, I felt the itch to do something outside of my family life and fulfill myself while my children are busy creating their own lives. I’m thrilled to be part of the Project Nursery team, incorporating my experiences with my favorite job—being a mom—into a professional focus outside the house.

I love to hike and enjoy the natural beauty of Marin County, where we live. It’s important to me to keep one foot here in California and a foot back East, in Connecticut and NYC, where I  grew up and now spend the summers with my kids. To me, there is no greater city on earth than The Big Apple, and I need “my fix” every few months. Time in NYC is always a nice balance to our more laid-back, suburban lifestyle here on the West Coast.

In terms of style, I love rooms that are fresh and clean but have some type of vibrant pop of color in them. I love color, need color, live color! It’s the same way I dress—I’m not the girl who wears black often. I even hope one day when my kids think of a word to define their mom, the first word that comes to their minds is…well, colorful!

– Sabrina Eliasoph

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