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Lea’s Sweet Dreams Big Girl Bedroom


Once Lea outgrew her crib, it was time for her "big girl" bedroom. I wanted the new look to work with some of the pieces that were in her room already. The bookcase and pink chest were two pieces I refurbished that were in her nursery so I definitely wanted to keep those. Who wants to reinvent the whole wheel again. Not this mama!!

I started with the quilt I found in the Pillowfort Collection at Target and worked off that with the colors. I absolutely love how all the colors came together. I painted the room Opal Essence from Benjamin Moore and it turned out to be such a pretty paint color. I wanted her room to still feel like a little girls room. She is 3 and I'm not ready at all to make her room feel too grown up yet. There is plenty of time for that. I still kept her newborn prints and incorporated those to make a gallery wall with a piece of art I've had for years and the paper butterflies really added a playful touch. I took her glider out and replaced it with a chair and ottoman I scored on Craigslist. The color and style couldn't have been more perfect. The white peacock headboard adds a bit of whimsy to make it more of an eclectic look rather than too traditional and the paper flowers dressed it up so sweetl