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Liza Huber

Liza Huber and Children

When decorating our home, I wanted it to be beautiful and well done, but still cozy and inviting. With four very young children, I didn’t want to have to worry if someone spills something or draws on the furniture. Everything is washable, including the walls! We almost always have toys on the floor, and there are Legos in every crevice of our home, but that’s okay by me. Children live here, and they are making their memories. I have big baskets everywhere for quick cleanup—it helps keep the house clutter and stress-free. When other people come into our home, I want them to be met with a feeling of warmth and our family’s personality.

I am an advocate for clean, green, organic living and have a passion for creating homemade baby food and healthy meals for kids. I love speaking to parents about all of the wonderful benefits homemade baby food provides, and I look forward to sharing lots of helpful info, tips and delicious recipes with you.

– Liza Huber, Sage Spoonfuls

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