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Christy Bergerson

Christy Bergerson and Family

As a mom, my children have taught me that there is a lot to celebrate in life. Whether it be their favorite song, game or even their love of Eskimo kisses, I find joy in taking the smallest bit of inspiration and creating an entire celebration around it.

I’d say my style is always evolving because each event I help create is unique. I love to add a special touch from each child’s personality into every design—it’s what makes each invitation or party one-of-a-kind. There’s nothing quite like the way kids’ faces light up when it’s their own special day and they can share their favorite things with friends and family. You aren’t just planning a party but creating childhood memories.

When I’m not designing or dreaming up parties, you can find me drinking coffee, keeping up with the kids, dragging my husband headfirst into DIY projects or enjoying Sunday brunch and church.

– Christy Bergerson, Itsy Belle

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