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Lea’s Maisy Birthday Party


Lea's 2nd Maisy Birthday Party

Design Inspiration

I first introduced Lea to Maisy books when she was 1 year. Since then, we've been reading the series of books and she loves them. So, I thought it was fitting to throw her a Maisy birthday party.

Project Details

Finding anything Maisy themed was not easy. The only thing that I found for a party was Maisy cocktail napkins on Ebay. So my creative juices started flowing and I had to start creating some things of my own. I bought the cardboard house on Amazon and painted it to look like Maisy's house. The character cutouts in the kitchen I made from poster board and painted those to show the characters from the books. Most everyone at the party didn't know who Maisy was which was fine by me. I sent everyone home with a Maisy book so they can enjoy Maisy as much as Lea has. The Happy Birthday banner I purchased through String Dearie Studio on Etsy and it turned out beautiful. Love that I'll be able to reuse it for many more birthday's to come. The pictures for the #2 I printed off Printstagram. This is my second year doing this and I love displaying these in Lea's playroom throughout the year. It's fun to see how much she's growing. Another tradition I started was her sign in sheet where I stamp her foot and hand. That's been fun having guest sign it and a fun way we can look back and see who was at her birthday parties.

Favorite Items

I had more than just one. One of my favorite items was the cake! She did an amazing job at creating Maisy and the characters out of fondant. It was fun and whimsy. I also loved her invitation. Prettiest Print Shop on Etsy brought my vision for her invite to life and also helped me with some other artwork including the artwork for the cookies that I had made at Sweet Art Bakery in McKinney. The cookies were a perfect way to say thank you as guests left and the books were fun to give the kids.


Be prepared there's not much out there for Maisy parties. I did a lot of looking online and researching to find ideas. In the end, everything came together and Lea had a blast! I was luckily able to entertain 16 kids. The weather cleared up in the afternoon so between the bounce house, Lea's playroom, the coloring station, and Maisy's playhouse, everyone had a blast and I was a happy mama!