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Rebecca Propes

Rebecca Propes

I LOVE to create. It’s just part of me. No matter what, my mind is always designing, painting or planning something creative. When I was little, I was planning my next party just as the last guest was leaving my current party, rearranging the furniture in my bestie’s room or secretly using nail polish remover to change the finish on my own furniture.

I studied interior design in college and spent some time working in high-end residential and model home design. Once I started having kids, I searched for an outlet where I could still use my design skills while taking care of my three babies from home, and that is when I started to design printable stationery on top of blogging about all of my creative interests and projects. A few years in, my Etsy shop got busy, I enlisted my best friend to join forces with me, and Petite Party Studio was born!

We went full speed ahead and opened a storefront and an e-commerce shop in addition to our Etsy shop. From invitation to party, we carry all of the pretty boutique party supplies that are found all over the pages of Pinterest. Through our work, we share DIY ideas, styling tips, recipes, parties and so much more. As long as I keep inspiring, I will continue to share my love of design through creating.

– Rebecca Propes, Make and Do Studio

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