Beth Williams

Beth WilliamsAs Project Nursery’s Editor, I get to realize two of my dreams—unleashing my inner grammar and design geek and being able to stay at home with my sons.

I’ve always loved children’s design. If you want to know a design-nerdy, little secret of mine, I was buying issues of Martha Stewart Kids and Martha Stewart Baby in college, when kids were nothing but a hazy idea well into my future. Sadly, both publications ceased to exist before I was even pregnant with my son. Luckily, I still have clippings I pulled from the magazines. (Yeah, I’m a little bit of a hoarder, too.)

In undergrad, I studied creative writing, photography and film, and I later received my Masters in creative writing. I’m pleased to be putting the skills I learned both at school and my pre-baby career days back to work at Project Nursery. I love the blogging world and the community of moms and dads out there on the internet willing to share, support and inspire others.

– Beth Williams, Managing Editor