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Naomi Alon

Naomi AlonI come from a long line of designers. My grandfather, grandmother and father were all in the design business. I grew up in a home where my father would build models of his proposed living room updates to show my mother. I believe that as designers, it is our job to help others “see.” Aside from never being able to ignore a crooked picture frame and crafting my dream house at age ten, I learned very early on that design is much more than choosing pretty fabrics; it is completely interwoven in our lives. I’ve never really thought of being an interior designer as my career or professional label—it’s who I am and always will be.

At Little Crown Interiors, it is important to us to not only share our vision with our client, but to make sure they understand it and LOVE it. The best thing I learned in my design training was to always remember that in the end, the design belongs to the client. They will be the ones seeing it every day, rocking in the chair, watching baby sleep, making memories. We strive to understand their thoughts and feelings and truly design every space for mom, for baby, for family.

– Naomi Alon, Little Crown Interiors

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Saturday 29th of March 2014

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