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Mandy Roberson

Mandy Roberson from Momma Society

There are few things that inspire me more than exploring the world. From seeing new places to experiencing new cultures, I always come home with a fresh perspective. My style is very much influenced by travel. Whether it’s the Moroccan poufs that we haggled for in the souks of Marrakesh or the vintage artwork we discovered while exploring an antique store in my grandmother’s tiny hometown, these are the pieces that evoke great memories.

When it comes to design, I love surprises. It’s the unexpected print, the painting that makes you do a double take, or the usual use of an everyday object that makes a space interesting. Childhood is meant to be fun, and I’m a firm believer in cultivating play. Our little home and growing family have forced me to think outside of the box when it comes to play spaces in small places. From transforming a portion of our under-the-stairs closet into a ball pit, to swapping out our home office for a kid-friendly workspace, I always find myself with the itch to make our surroundings a little more fun.

With a cheerful environment and an inspiring space, the magic of childhood happens naturally. After all, there is nothing sweeter than the memories we make within the four walls of our home.

– Mandy Roberson, Momma Society

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