Melisa Fluhr

Melisa and Josh Fluhr Family

I’m the proud mom of two very active boys and (finally!) a baby girl. It was becoming their mother that gave me the real desire to change careers and turn a passion for interior design into a community of shared ideas and inspiration for children’s spaces.

My personal decorating style changes constantly, mostly due to the fact that our family has been bouncing between modern apartment New York City living and the Hollywood-glam excitement Los Angeles offers. It’s only recently that we settled in New Jersey and I am more than ready to tackle a seriously suburban lifestyle—which presents a whole new set of design challenges and rooms to decorate. While I am known for embracing bold and wild color combos, ironically I fantasize of an all white home and neutral furnishings on the beach one day.

I enjoy networking over strong coffee, have a passion for Chinese cooking (thanks to my talented mom) and a love for bold Cabernets. My biggest accomplishment in life is successfully finding a way to do it all from home with kids in tow. Creating with my dear and long-time friend Pam is a dream job. It hasn’t been easy, life isn’t always balanced and it’s been a ton of work. But it is pretty awesome putting my head on my pillow each night knowing that a simple vision can turn into a whole lot of possibilities!

– Melisa Fluhr, Co-Founder

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