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Melisa Fluhr, Co-Founder

Melisa McHale Fluhr

I don’t know about you, but I spend too many hours each year trying to select the perfect holiday card photo where everyone is looking at the camera in their coordinated Sunday best. The above is our reality (still coordinated though) but hey, I am both looking and in the photo, so I’m already winning. Despite the daily chaos, it was becoming a mother that gave me the desire to change careers and turn a passion for interiors into a community of shared ideas and inspiration for children’s spaces. Bouncing this young family between New York and Los Angeles a few times, has given me perspective and the belief that a well-designed life with kids is possible.

I enjoy networking over strong coffee and have a knack for Chinese cooking (thanks mom). I make world travel a priority and love a bold Cabernet. My biggest accomplishment in life is successfully finding a way to do it all from home cause that’s the type of company Pam and I have created with our team of hardworking moms and dads. It hasn’t been easy, life isn’t always balanced and it’s been a ton of work. But it is pretty awesome putting my head on my pillow each night knowing that a simple vision can turn into a whole lot of possibilities!

– Melisa Fluhr, Co-Founder

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