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Stay at home mom of 3 girls and one baby boy! I have an art degree, so while I'm not working at the moment, I tend to pour my creative energy into my home. I fall asleep thinking about design and furniture arrangement. True story.

Rainbow Loom Themed Birthday Party

Rainbow Loom Birthday Party

My daughter loves to make bracelets with her rainbow loom, so  we designed a rainbow loom birthday party.

Say Cheese 1st Birthday Party Cake

“Say Cheese!” 1st Birthday Party

I photographed Zane so much this year, that I was thrilled when I came across this “Say Cheese” 1st birthday party theme! The perfect excuse to use all of the great photos from his first year. As someone with a photography degree, I couldn’t pass up a “Say Cheese”/ “Year Gone in a Flash” party.

Fairy Mushroom Birthday Cake

Fairy Birthday Party

I’ve always wanted to do a rustic fairy theme! I have three daughters, so I’m surprised it took me this long to get to one!

Rustic and Modern Nursery

Zane’s Rustic and Modern Nursery

This room is a result of lots of love and inspiration. I wanted something rustic, but modern, with a few vintage and whimsical touches.