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Fairy Birthday Party


I've always wanted to do a rustic fairy theme! I have three daughters, so I'm surprised it took me this long to get to one!

Design Inspiration

Biggest inspiration was the tiny fairy door and lots and lots  of twigs and gems. So pretty! That, and my husband got me a cricut machine for my birthday. I loved cutting out little fairies to dangle from the mini chandeliers hanging off our island pendants in the kitchen. The oversized flowers were also big inspiration. I pushed those into large styrofoam cubes and covered the cubes with grass patterned paper.

Project Details

Oversized flowers on the long tables, and much of the flowers and garlands are from Hobby Lobby. Mini chandeliers are actually Christmas ornaments from Michaels. Mini fairy door we had on the front door is from Hobby Lobby as well.

Favorite Items

The fairy door we had at the entrance! I really loved the idea of it feeling like you were entering a fairy land. It came in the doll house section of Hobby Lobby as naked wood. I painted it to match the party, and used my cricut machine to make a number 4. That's my favorite part- love that the age she's turning is the "house number." I also am beyond in love with the cake. I squealed when I picked it up! And I was thrilled when a friend let me borrow the cake stand she used for her rustic wedding. Works perfectly.