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This room is a result of lots of love and inspiration. I wanted something rustic, but modern, with a few vintage and whimsical touches.

Design Inspiration

The feature wall was my inspiration! I really wanted a wall of reclaimed wood, but unsure of where to start or how to go about it, I started researching online and found this fabulous wallpaper. It did the trick and is probably a little more practical for a baby's room. I also really loved the navy, lime green, and orange color palette. Found the drapes at PBKids and went from there.

Decorating Style

My style changes from room to room depending on the inspiration and my mood. This is my first boy after three girls, so I definitely wasn't going for "gender neutral." I had fun making a little boy's room!

Project Details

Bedding: Modified Dot from Etsy, Drapes: PBKids, Glider: Target online, Rug: Overstock, wallpaper from, "Manners Make the Man" print and "I Like to Rock" print from Etsy, I made the "Z" marquee letter over the crib- easier than I thought it would be! Paint: Benjamin Moore- Perennial and Kennsington Blue

Favorite Items

I love the framed print of the photograph I took of my dad's painter's palette from the 1950's.... has a lot of sentimental value. Also the framed Tiger's championship tshirt that was my husband's as a child, and the sock monkey that someone made for him when he was a baby. Oh, and the mini "jersey" hanging from the shelf- has my husband's high school basketball number on it:)  My favorite items tend to be things that have soul. Although that Z was just recently made by me and that's up there as a fav too. I really wanted to splurge on an old vintage marquee sign, but I found a DIY how-to on Pinterest. Saved a lot of money and it was fun to make. A fun pop when you walk in!


Don't be afraid to use things not as they were intended to be used! The metal orange bucket piece hanging off the door to the attached bathroom was purchased in the gardening section of Home Goods. I knew immediately when I saw it that I wanted to use it as storage for baby items, mainly because I wanted to bring a touch of orange to that side of the room- mirroring the glider it's hanging across from.


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    I’ve looked at and cannot find the wallpaper you have…do you happen to have the name of it? Love this look :) Thanks SO MUCH!

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    Super cute room I have been wanting to do something like this but wasn’t sure it would turn out well but now that I have seen it in action it looks awesome!!! Do you by chance know how many rolls of wallpaper it took to cover that wall? Was 2 enough or did you need 3 rolls? Also I’m curious do you know what color of paint you used for the navy and the green?

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    Just bought the wood plank paper. Any pointers on how to put it up? The directions are a bit confusing.

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    Hey I fell in love with your room as soon as I saw it! I originally had a question about the wallpaper but I see you posted the link to it below. My second question to you is how would you think this room would look with a brown wooded tile floor? I like how it looks with the white carpet but me and my wife were thinking of leaving the floor the way it is, which is wood tiles.

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    Also, how did you do the Z on top of the crib? Can I purchase it somewhere? I know you said you made it yourself, but am I able to buy the letter and bulbs somewhere?

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    I’m so sorry I’m just now seeing this question! We bought 3 double rolls for this. We had a good chunk left over, but 2 would have been just shy of working. Paint colors are listed in description. Good luck!

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    So sorry I’m just now seeing this! We had a friend hang the wallpaper! I’m sorry I don’t have any tips! Ah! Good luck!

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    Thank you! I’m so sorry I’m just now seeing these questions. I’m sure you’ve taken care of this by now, but on the off chance you’d still like my opinion, I was just going to say that leaving the wood tile floor would be fine, but I would definitely break it all up with a large area rug. Good luck!

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    The Z was purchased at Joann Fabrics. It’s cardboard. I cut the back of it off and that’s where the cords are tucked. The string of lights is from Target. Good luck!

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    I love your room! We were going to do a whole wood wall, but I’m glad I found this wallpaper! Do you by chance recall the name of the area rug? I’m looking through Overstock but haven’t found it yet. Thanks!

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