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OMG! Hello Kitty Baby Carriers!

I have a soft spot for Hello Kitty. I was (and kind of still am) a huge Sanrio fan. There is just something so adorably cute about the characters, and Hello Kitty is for sure the most beloved member of the Sanrio family. While my teenage self may have had to search far and wide for my Hello Kitty accessories, now you can even find her on these Hello Kitty baby carriers from Ergobaby.

Omni 360 Baby Carrier – Hello Kitty Classic

The two available Hello Kitty patterns (above and below) are available in both the Adapt and Omni style carriers.

Adapt Baby Carrier – Hello Kitty Playtime

You can even pick up a tiny doll carrier version for your kiddo to wear.

Hello Kitty Baby Carrier

Worried you can’t carry off a Hello Kitty baby carrier? You can always get your dose of the friendly feline in a sleeping bag or swaddle for your little one.

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