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Sallie Rose’s Nursery


Sallie Rose was our first child and as a designer I was very excited to begin working on a plan for her room. I had initially wanted to use teal as the main color for the room, but my husband decided his little girl needed to have a pink room first. So, I decided to paint the walls pink (a little shocking at first), and have green bedding and curtains and teal accent pieces.

Design Inspiration

The nursery is a combination of objects that I found that had special meaning to myself and my husband, as well as gifts that our loved ones had given to us before she was born. There is a painting by one of her great aunts, a carousel from Gumps in San Francisco from her Grandma, framed pictures of her cousins, a blown glass grape cluster on the chandelier from Italy, and sand dollars in a glass canister from the beach where we found out we were having a baby. The most meaningful part of the nursery are the four pictures framed above the chest of drawers (also doubled as a changing table). There are two pictures of her great Grandmothers, from whom she was named after, Sallie Love and Rosa Lee. We also had pregnancy pictures taken to put in the other two frames, which will be changed out with two new pictures each year on her birthday. We had a lot of fun putting her nursery together and all the elements have grown well with her as she changed from a baby to a three year old.

Decorating Style

I have a very simple style. I do not like a lot of accessories that either do not have sentimental value or that are not functional. I really love color and almost every color, with an emphasis toward teals. I also do not believe in spending a lot of money on home decor that will most likely be changed every few years. I like to repurpose items as well as buy from thrift and "junk" stores. It is not only thrifty, but also earth friendly.

Project Details

Crib: purchased used from a neighbo,  chest of drawers and the twin bed: Just for Baby,  bedding and curtains: Pottery Barn Kids,  The carousel: Gumps in San Franscisco , Green "Poppy" painting: painted by our Aunt Valley, Butterfly Mobile: Just for Baby, Picture Frames: American Framing, Side table: Painted by me years ago in college, Lamp and lampshade: Ikea

Favorite Items

I really loved the carousel that my mother in law bought. It was very special to her and it was adorable. I also really love the old pictures that we had printed of our grandmas, of whom Sallie Rose was named after.


You can achieve a lot of the deign by picking a great wall color. I tested 3 or 4 wall colors before I got the right one that we wanted. I also suggest to keep it simple, functional and of course personal. Add a lot of things to the room that are sentimental to you and your family and it will always feel like your home. And don't be afraid to shop thrift stores or junk stores for special one of a kind items. If you find something you like, but not the color, then paint it. Paint is really inexpensive and can achieve a lot.


Saturday 5th of April 2014

I just looked on the Just for Baby for the Chest of Drawers and it didn't look like they carried furniture on their site. Did you order online or in store?


Saturday 1st of October 2011


It is Pittsburgh Paint, Pink Chinzt.


Thursday 8th of September 2011

Could you please tell me what color/type of paint this is..?? So pretty


Wednesday 31st of August 2011

I love the carousel and the old photos, too. I'm also curious about the blown glass grape cluster on the chandelier from Italy. Wish you had a close-up of that one.


Saturday 27th of August 2011


No, we have now taken the changing table off the dresser. These were taken when she was a newborn. :)