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Kai’s Nursery


I am not a fan of animals or any of the prints, so I pulled some ideas from different places, and this is what we came up with!

Design Inspiration

It's kind of a mish mash of different things, but I definitely wanted to add a preppy aspect and a beachy aspect to it - I wanted it to be something that would grow with him, not something he would grow out of.

Project Details

Chair - Best Chairs Sheets, Rocking Sheep, Comforter and Curtains - Pottery Barn kids Alphabet - DIY Ocean Animal Paintings - DIY A lot of the other things are from Pier 1 Imports, Hobby Lobby and other random places!

Favorite Items

I love the paintings above the crib the most, and I also really like the alphabet. I hope that he'll love them just as much something and be proud that his mommy painted them for him!


Find a few key things that you want, and go from there! We started with the striped wall and chair, and everything else just fell into place!

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  1. avatar Claire Jones says:

    Where in the world did you find the pictures above the crib? I was trying to find things for a girl but i don’t know where to get them?

  2. avatar Lisapeck says:

    Oh my! We have the same favorite things: the silhouettes above the crib and the alphabets! Nice work you have done here!

  3. avatar Alison Mar says:

    Cute little train art sign hanging on the door. And that’s an adorable collection of stuffed bears you have placed throughout the room.

  4. Nice nursery. I think that box shelf with the mom and baby figurine is really adorable.