Happy Birthday Baby Bug

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Inspired by the cuteness of lady bugs, Sierra celebrates her first birthday as a "baby bug."

Design Inspiration

lady bugs and a red/lime green/black color palette

Decorating Style

fun, simple, and bright

Project Details

The simple paper works of Paper Patterns on Etsy (www.etsy.com/shop/paperpatterns) was the starting point. From there lady bug inspired food (lady bugs on a log, lady bug crackers, etc.), balloons, ribbon accents, lady bug ornaments, and more were added.

Favorite Items

The lady bug crackers, which were discovered online, really helped drive the theme home and were very tasty. Since the birthday party was near Christmas, the redecorated Christmas tree into a Lady Bug tree was also a huge hit.


To keep costs down, lots of ribbon was used as decor accents: tied to serving dishes/glasses, as ornament accents on the tree, etc. Layering the ribbons also added dimension and fun. A combination of satin, grosgrain, polka dot patterned, and solid was used.


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    I was hoping the lime green would help pull it away from the Christmas theme. Sadly, we actually had a Christmas Tree up already when it was her birthday. I ended up taking off the ornaments and putting lady bug ones on it so it was at least a bit more festive/thematic/less Christmas for her birthday.

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