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Just Plane Cute!


When I discovered that I was pregnant with my 3rd child we had to reconfigure some of the bedrooms. Since we really wanted to keep our guest room, we decided that since our boys are so close in age they will eventually share a room. We knew we were going to be busy when our 3rd arrived so we decided to put their room together now and Jonah will join Luca in their room when he gets a little older. My husband is a pilot so the theme of this room came easy....airplanes! Then I just had to decide how to do it.....

Design Inspiration

Whilst looking around for ideas on the internet I came across a really cute airplane room that a blogger had done for her son and LOVED it. This really was my major inspiration (I just wish I could remember the name of the blog to give her credit!!). For color, I really liked the idea of using brown with the white since it gave such a nice contrast and is a little warmer than the traditional boy blue.

Project Details

The panelling that you see in the room isn't actually panelling at all...I decided to go the budget route. I pained the bottom half of the room white and then went to Home Depot and had them cut the wood for the vertical and horizontal planks. I attached everything to the wall with a nail gun, topped the horizontal plank with moulding and painted the whole thing a glossy white to make it all look like wood panels. The same goes for the moulding where the pictures are. The whole faux panelling project only cost around $50!!


Thursday 15th of September 2011

Are the little airplanes wall stickers or did you paint them? They're cute and I love their squiggly tails of smoke. Love the brown and white, too.