A Whimsically Elegant Nursery

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We had to start by purchasing the basics with gender neutrality in mind, but when we came home with Penelope, it was exciting to start adding in the details that would make the nursery perfect for a little girl.

Design Inspiration

The inspiration for Penelope's room was the Holts Summer 2006 Catalogue, which I had been saving in case one day I had a daughter. The catalogue featured several crayon drawings of women with whimsically written notes on elegance and style. We took three of these pages and framed them on spring green mats, which together, perfectly tie in the green from the bedding and the playful feel of the fabric from the glider. Pulling again from the elegant feel of the drawings, we found a black swirl and crystal chandelier to add a definitive touch of femininity.

Decorating Style

Our style is normally quite bold, and our house is filled with high contrast in black, white and green... so for the nursery, we tried to do this in as delicate a way possible. We wanted all the furniture to be white and the green to be soft, in order to add some lightness to the room's dark wood floors and black doors.

Project Details

The items we purchased included: Munire Urban crib, Oilo Spring Green Modern Berries crib bedding, Dutalier Glider and Ottoman, Umbra picture frames, Umbra Wallflowers & Wallflutters, Crate & Barrel bookshelf and side table. We painted a hand-me-down dresser to match the crib, and topped it with a custom change table frame that a friend made for us. I loved the green from the Oilo bed skirt so much, that I called them and ordered a few yards of the fabric so that I could have matching curtains made.

Favorite Items

My favourite item is the feature wall above the crib, which we created by asymmetrically arranging a mix of black Wallflowers and silver Wallflutters.


Call manufaturers and see if they sell extra yards of the fabric so that you can make custom pieces - like pillows, drapes or change table covers. Also we brought a piece of our crib into Benjamin Moore so that they could colour match before we painted the dresser.


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    I absolutely adore the black, white, and various-shades-of-green color scheme. I think the framed catalogue pages are so chic and stylish, too. The chandelier’s gorgeous, too.

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    Hi there…I really like this too! It’s definitely my inspiration for our boy/girl twins. I’m also wondering which paint you used…

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    It was a gift, so apologies for the delay in finding out where it came from! My friend bought the green giraffe at a store called Ella Minnow in Toronto’s Beaches neighborhood. Hope that helps!

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    Great nursery! Where did you get the chandelier? It is very sophisticated but still girly at the same time!

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