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Make Nighttime Trips to the Nursery Safer and Easier

Don’t get me wrong—I love my babies more than anything in the world, but when I hear those cries through the baby monitor at 3:00am, it’s more than a little bit discouraging. I mean, I haven’t had a night of uninterrupted sleep in over a year. That’s a whole lot of rolling out of bed, stumbling my way into one (or both!) of their rooms and likely tripping over toys along the way.

I almost don’t want to say it out loud, but I’m pretty sure a full night of sleep is a long way off for me. But in the meantime, there’s at least one thing I know I can do to make those middle-of-the-night trips to the nursery just a little bit easier. SnapPower offers a super smart product called the Guidelight that transforms your outlet coverplates into safe yet sleek nightlights—so smart, right? Three Project Nursery readers will each win one pack of five SnapPower Guidelights (a $65 value each).

SnapPower Guidelight

Safety is the number one consideration when you’re shopping for products that will be within your child’s reach, and SnapPower Guidelights were designed to be safe for kids. The easy three-step installation ensures that the Guidelight is secure—it replaces the outlet coverplate, and because it’s screwed into place, there’s nothing for little ones to remove or break. Plus, it leaves your outlets free for use and you can still install safety plugs to make the outlet completely childproofed.

SnapPower Guidelight Installation

SnapPower Guidelights

The fewer things around the house for baby to get into, the better, so I love that the SnapPower Guidelight is essentially integrated into your home. Not only does it provide a sleek alternative to a traditional nightlight, but it totally blends into your decor since it takes the place of the old outlet coverplate—no one will be the wiser…except for you when you can make your way to your baby’s room without stepping on toys or stubbing your toes on the furniture!

SnapPower Guidelight in Nursery

WIN IT! Three Project Nursery readers will each win one pack of five SnapPower Guidelights (a $65 value each).

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