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Valentine Scavenger Hunt!

Roses are red, violets are blue, we love Valentine’s Day, how ‘bout you? Sparkly hearts, delicate doilies and chocolatey sweets make it one of our most favorite holidays. We try to make it super special for our children, so today we’re sharing a fun little at-home Valentine scavenger hunt that we created for kids.

Kids Valentine Scavenger Hunt Clue

Scavenger Hunt11

Hide clues two through nine in the coordinating spots, and then hand your little sweethearts the first clue (you can download handwritten clues here). We filled these cute felt envelopes (from the Target Dollar Spot!) with candy and little prizes for the kids to discover with each new clue. If you want to make your own felt envelopes, we found this great tutorial. But really, any paper or cellophane bag will do the trick.

Clue #1 (begin hunt by handing first clue to children). Happy Valentine’s Day! So special you are, Find the place that is cold…It’s not very far!

Clue #2 (hide in refrigerator/freezer). Washing and rinsing, That’s what we do here, You love the bubbles…What surprise will be near?

Clue #3 (hide in bathtub). I’m steamy and hot, I bake yummy things, Cupcakes and cookies…What Valentine’s Day brings!

Clue #4 (hide near stove/oven). Flowers and chocolate, Remind us of today, Go find the place…Where you like to lay!

Clue #5 (hide in bed). Mom’s in here a lot, ‘Cause you get very dirty, Washing and drying, Your clothes in a hurry!

Clue #6 (hide in laundry room/washing machine). Love you, love you, love you, Is all I can say, It’s now time to look, In the place where you play!

Clue #7 (hide in playroom). You like to watch, Your favorite shows on this. Before you go find it, Give Mommy a kiss!

Clue #8 (hide near/around TV). You’ll now have to peek, Outside the front door, Where the mailman delivers, Valentines and more!

Clue #9 (hide in mailbox). Another fun surprise, Is under a thing…A table called “Coffee,” What treat will it bring?

Clue #10 (hide on coffee table). Ring, ring, ring; Friends call to say, “Hi!” A message of love, For a sweet Valentine!

Hide final treats and prize near/on telephone.

Scavenger Hunt31

Scavenger Hunt21

End the Valentine scavenger hunt by celebrating with a yummy sweet treat! We set up a festive table with tissue balls, heart balloons and tissue tassel and glitter garlands galore. For dessert, we made a heart-shaped cake with a red heart sparkler candle that’s simply dazzling when it’s all lit up! The kiddos might also have fun joining you in the kitchen to make the sweet treat of their choice. Or you can always just buy cupcakes at the store.

Kids Valentine's Day Party

Your kids will feel absolutely LOVED with this sweet activity! Such a delightful way to spend the afternoon on Valentine’s Day, surrounded by loads of hugs and kisses!

Happy Heart Day! XOXO

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