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Love to Dream Sleep System

Perhaps one of the most overwhelming aspects of being a new parent is stumbling through sleep deprivation. Australian fashion designer and mother Hana-Lia Krawchuck was so determined to curtail fragmented sleep that she researched medical literature to understand babies’ natural sleep positions and design a solution. Shortly after, Love to Dream—an innovative swaddle collection that enables babies to sleep in an arms up position—was born.

The Love to Dream Sleep System differs from other swaddles on the market as it is uniquely designed to allow babies access to their hands. This facilitates self-soothing while providing a secure swaddle that helps calm the natural startle reflex. I met with the Love to Dream team at an intimate Manhattan lunch at The Rodger Smith Hotel to learn more about the company’s international success and upcoming launch in the United States market.

Love to Dream Founder

Monica Marino and Love to Dream Founder Hana-Lia Krawchuck

The first tier of the collection, The Swaddle Up, is for babies 0-4 months, and it provides an arms up wing design available in three different weight-based sizes. In addition to promoting self-soothing, the arms up position prevents face-scratching and may help prevent baby from rolling over onto her tummy. The double end zipper allows for easy access during diaper changes, and the single layer fabric (also available in organic) reduces the risk of overheating.

Love to Dream Swaddle Up

The second stage in the Love to Dream collection, the Swaddle Up 50/50, is the only product designed to meet the transitional period between swaddling and moving baby into a wearable blanket. The 50/50 has brilliant zipper wings that allow arms to be fully exposed gradually and safely help baby adjust to having their arms unswaddled during the 4-8 month age range.

Love to Dream Sleep System

The Love to Dream system looks like an intuitive sleep solution to me, a parent whose babies unraveled themselves from swaddles several times a night. Allowing babies to access their natural self-soothing tendencies from birth can help them establish a long-term healthy sleep routine.

The Love to Dream Swaddle Up ($29.95), Swaddle Up Organic ($34.95) and 50/50 ($34.95) will be available at select U.S. retailers including Giggle, Albee Baby, Babesta and in mid-May.




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    Hi Monica,
    This is so beautiful and very creative. You are a super mom.
    I miss you.
    From Goi, Thailand