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Project Postpartum

As you obsess over the details of the baby nursery, read all the books, and wait 8 weeks for your Dutailier nursery rocker to arrive, are you really thinking about you? I mean beyond the vitamin E cream for your belly. (Well, maybe you are if you ordered the Dutailier).

As a new mom, they say that the best thing to do is to sleep when your baby sleeps. Now really, who has the time?!? There’s a whole other person’s laundry and bottle washing to be done. But it IS important and if you are lucky enough to sneak in that cat nap, then do so with the nuddle!

To sum it up: it’s plush, cozy, has slates for your arms to hold your baby, the remote or a glass of yummy old vine zin. But best of all, there’s a pocket to keep your feet tucked in. In fact, the nuddle can also be worn as a robe. Now that’s certainly better than walking around topless while getting the hang of breastfeeding for the first few weeks. This functional, fabulous product retails for $110 on

So once you’ve come to the realization that you won’t be sleeping 10 hours a night, you’ll quickly notice that your shower time has been dwindled down to less than two minutes. When having to choose between washing your hair or shaving your legs – shave your legs. Use Shampowder by Buttercream Cosmetics to degrease your tress. Shampowder not only freshens your hair but increases manageability. Beauty experts recommend not washing your hair daily anyway and for $15.99, it sounds magical.

So make yourself comfortable and happy during those trying first weeks or in my case, 58 weeks later. Afterall, it IS all worth it.

P.S. Note to Hubby: This is what I want for Mother’s Day along with that Heather Moore necklace :) XO!

Little Apple Design LA

Saturday 3rd of May 2008

Hey all, I just received the nuddle as a gift and have to say that it is awesome! I really enjoy it. It makes me nervous however that I will want to nap more and there's so much to get done during the day :)