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Mirror Mirror On The Nursery Wall!

Mirrors are great, don’t you think? They are an easy way to brighten and open up any space. Everyone has used the old mirror over the mantel trick to make a room look larger. A mirror in your child’s room is a nice way to tie things together too. Plus, it has saved me on many occasions when I have been in the mist of a diaper change only to look up and notice a large piece of my son’s breakfast attached to my forehead! I’m sure the UPS man has seen much worse.
I’ve recently discovered Modern Dose and its the best. They have several mirrors but this one caught my eye. It’s called the “Flower Power” mirror. So mod with its crisp white it would stand out on any wall.
I also like this sleek rectangle mirror by cool design company Skram. Created by Jacob Marks for Skram this mirror is beautiful and functional. It can be ordered in natural or walnut stain. Find it at 2 Modern.
There are a lot of options out there to create a sweet and feminine look but this butterfly mirror is a unique choice from Altelier LCZ .