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Vintage Renaissance Nursery


A nursery inspired by the times of the renaissance in Italy.

Design Inspiration

The round crib was my inspiration to go with the renaissance theme.

Decorating Style

My decorating style is clean, classic and unique pieces with style.

Project Details

The Round Crib can be bought at from which is called the Little Angel Canopy Crib. The cribs sheets are from and I have white, pink, and lavender colors. They are very hard to come by the round crib sheets, it seems like are the only ones that carry it at this time. I was going to get the sheets made but it was easier and more cost effective to get them from the store. I had the crib skirt handmade since most of the skirts were cheap materials or didn't go with my baby's nursery. I wanted a gold, thick fabric with ornate design to allow the gold pieces in the room and on the angle on the crib pop. Lucky enough I found exactly what I was looking for. I cut the fabric in four pieces and had it sewn by a friend of the family with beautiful pleats. The tulle on the crib's poles were again cut in four pieces and wrapped around each pole with pink ribbon wrapped like ballerina slippers on each pole. The dresser is a vintage piece from 1940's restored and painted vintage white that I got on the Painted Cottage on The rocker is a vintage piece from 1940's and I grabbed it off from a sweet old couple on the gold coast. The chair only had one owner. I was going to change the fabric but it was so beautiful that I just got it cleaned instead and it worked out perfectly. The rustic arms and rocker wood gave the room some old charm. To accompany that piece I added a bunny rocker that had the dark wood as well from Restoration Hardware. The lavender walls with the purple butterflies to add a whimsicle feeling to the room that I also got from

Favorite Items

The round crib and the dresser are the best items. They are both such beautiful pieces and so functional.


You can achieve the same look with a vintage rectangular crib. Don't be affraid of second hand pieces or even digging in your home to find the right piece for the room. You won't miss it in the other room and your baby will never know. Be bold.. if you have something in mind, don't give up looking for it! Don't be affraid to mix match

Ross Neytiri

Wednesday 6th of March 2013

I am not familiar with Renaissance decor. Which ones are renaissance-inspired here?


Sunday 3rd of March 2013

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Saturday 2nd of March 2013

Such a lovely room. Love the round-shaped crib. You only need the stone walls and you'd really get the renaissance feel.