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Haines’s Cactus Theme Birthday Party


On September 11th, our lil man turned two and although I had a grand plan for his party, the weather had a different plan as Hurricane Irma headed in our direction. We live in South Georgia so we didn't exactly get the worst of the storm but enough to do a a little bit of damage. Knowing the storm was heading our way, I decided to put together a quick last minute "Just Family" dinner and cake celebration for him since it was his birthday and all. Thankfully I ordered letter balloons spelling out his name ahead of time and a few days prior I began looking around the house to find a way to make what we had laying around work as decoration.  I came up with the idea of a little modern Cactus/fiesta theme using the mini succulent plants I had more than I remembered scattered around and was able to get him a quick cactus tank shipped on time too. I then made a quick call to our local cookie master with my fingers crossed that she would be able to throw together a dozen cactus theme cookies. To my surprise she did and they were ready right on time. I purchased a pre-made vanilla cake from our Publix bakery, hung up Haines's name in balloons and set up a little table using succulents that I put inside a few cactus glasses from the Dollar Store i purchased a year ago but never ended up using, along with a birthday cake and cookies for display. Viola, our Pre-Hurricane Birthday Party went off without a hitch! You would have never known that we had a pretty scary storm scheduled to touch down the next day. MY ADVICE: If you are on a tight budget or a tight time schedule to celebrate your little one. Look around your own house for decorations, Your own style might just inspire you to come up with an awesome way to make your little's birthday something to remember! :D