Minimalist Neutral Bohemian Nursery

  • We used this cute little custom name card in our name reveal.

  • 2/9
  • We loved using real plants around the room.

  • 4/9
  • Adding the faux fur rug added comfort and style.

  • My toddler absolutely loves spending time in baby brother's nursery rocking in the rocking chair and riding on Land of Nod's Larry the Llama

  • 5 days postpartum rocking the mom bod and bags under my eyes in this gorgeous mirror which is a huge feature piece in the room.

  • Baby Bohdi enjoying a nap in his crib laying on the softest faux fur rug.

  • I love having this basket right by the rocking chair it contains any items I might need to grab while feeding the baby such as extra blankets, burp rags, and a book.



The moment you see that positive on the pregnancy test you begin thinking of your child's entire life who is in there, what will this baby's name be, what will it be like having two kids, how will my son be as a big brother so many questions run through your head in a matter of seconds. The day I found out I was pregnant I headed to Target and bought this gorgeous crib sheet I had been eyeballing that was on sale! I have always had high-risk rough pregnancies I didn't know if this pregnancy would be viable but I still wanted to be excited and celebrate the little one that was in my belly even if the happiness was short lived. Even with multiple trips to the ER to get medications to save this baby I still began planning out a nursery I went on Pinterest and pinned hundreds of different nursery designs I had no idea what direction I would go in but I knew I wanted this nursery to reflect who I thought this little baby would be. After the pregnancy progressed I decided on a light, bright, neutral nursery I knew I wanted this room to be a place we all enjoyed hanging out in something that made you feel calm and happy when you were there so I began to create a board for our nursery I snipped and cut pictures printed them out and created a board for the nursery everything on it was white and cream bright walls with hints of gorgeous greens. In the end we decided on a neutral bohemian nursery a nursery that could fit a boy or a girl and would be easy to grow into a toddler room and so on! To this day the nursery is a place all 4 of us enjoy being in we use the backdrop for pictures and videos for our youtube channel, we sit in the rocking chair and read books as a family, and water all of our little plants daily! We are proud of how the nursery turned out with our tight budget we will definitely be growing into the room over the years adding more personal touches but for now it is perfect! I hope you enjoy it just as much as we do!

Our entire nursery tour is up on our youtube channel Cody and Charlie Vlogs where we do a walk through tour and explain where all of our pieces are from but we do hope to take more pictures that feature our room very soon!


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