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County Fair 2nd Birthday Party Invite

Amos County Fair

Amos loves animal and pie! So, we thought a county fair was a great theme.

Amos’s First Birthday

I wanted to make Amos the theme of his birthday party. So, I made the monthly pictures I’d been taking the centerpiece of the festivities. I LOVED seeing my boy and how he’d grown (the project I’d worked so hard on!) on display. :)

Griffin’s Play-doh Party

My son is OBSESSED with play-doh so I knew that was our only option in regards to a theme. We invited all our “workers” to the play-doh factory where they “clocked in” and got their uniforms. Everyone went through research and development, the production line, and packaging. All the kids had a blast, especially the birthday boy who didn’t leave research and development for over an hour!

Mille’s Frilly Shower

My dear friend Millie is pregnant with her third child and FIRST girl so we had to have the girlies shower possible!