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Nicole Ketchum

Hey Girl Decor is a modern decor and design company, specializing in accent decor pieces, curated party boxes and interior spaces. We create instant decor that is colorful, modern and easy. We believe decorating for a party, wedding or your home should not be complicated and design can be fun!

In 2020, Nicole Ketchum, Founder, will be creating a new product she hopes to work on with Target and Disney, as well as creating her design and manufacturing course for beginners.

Disney Springs, Mattel Headquarters, Nordstrom, NYC Design Center, Enroute Spa/Indianapolis Airport, Four Seasons Thailand, The COOP Los Angeles

Brandee Buble, Michael Buble, Eva Martino and Fashionable Hostess

PopSugar, Pregnany + Newborn, J-14 Decorate, In Touch, Life + Style, AP Press, Southern Bride Magazine, Rhode Island Monthly, Seattle Met, Seattle Magazine, So Rhody, Hey Rhody, Engaged RI, Hey Rhody Home + Style, Gift Shop Magazine, Special Events Magazine, Biz Bash, Nashville Life + Style, People, Project Junior and Oh Joy Blog

Alt Summit, March 2019

Studio 10, WJAR​
February 2020

Boho Kid’s Bedroom

This boho modern mixed bedroom space is a great reflection of the sweet girl who sleeps here. A little boho, mixed with a plush velvet blue couch, llama print and a luxe gold fancy acrylic chandelier. Don’t be afraid to mix themes, decor and colors. If you pick several colors to implement, you can then weave in and out of different decor trends. What never goes out is a classic decor piece like the gold chandelier.