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Kacie Long

New mom, loving wife, dog lover, entrepreneur, coffee junkie, cooking enthusiast, interior designer wanna-be, and Instagram addict.

Light and Airy Floral Nursery

Within days of finding out I was pregnant, I came across the Jolie Mural Wallpaper on Pinterest and fell head over heels in love with the print. Once we found out that we were having a girl, that print became the inspiration behind the nursery’s design. It was the perfect combination of whimsical and feminine. The room that we had decided to turn into the nursery is fairly small, so I needed to keep the design light and airy in hopes of making the space feel larger than it actually is. I knew we would be spending a lot of time in that room once our little girl arrived, so I wanted to have a space that was super comfortable and inviting and have lots of different textures and materials throughout.
I started with the installation of the wall mural and paint color (Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter). I knew I wanted all the nursery furniture to be white, and had identified some key nursery items I wanted to purchase like the bassinet, dresser, and rocker. I held off on buying any decor early in the process because I wasn’t completely sure of the accent colors/materials I wanted to incorporate into the space. Shortly after completing the installation of the mural, I came across the pendant light and side table and really liked the look of the geometric shape of the light and the gold color of the side table. I began to build on those pieces from there.
I designed and built the geometric air-plant crib mobile. I wanted to incorporate some greenery into the nursery, and love how low maintenance air-plants are. I found the geometric shapes at Hobby Lobby and the idea for the mobile took shape. I used transparent fishing line and tied the geometric shapes to a metal ring (spray painted gold). I love how this mobile ties in the pendant light and adds dimension to the nursery.
My husband (who is an electrician) retrofitted the geometric pendant light from a plug-in fixture to a hardwired fixture. We also spray painted the pendant light, the curtain rod, and the shelf brackets gold. 
Social media can be a huge help when it comes to finding inspiration for a nursery design. When I am designing a room, I try to find one or two pieces that I love and let those items be my inspiration, and then build upon the design from there. If I try to do the design all at  once I tend to get overwhelmed and apprehensive. I also found it helpful to identify the big items I wanted in the nursery and held off on buying decor until those key items were in the room. 
A note of caution to any parent interested in installing a vinyl panel mural like the Jolie Wallpaper – make sure the roofline of the wall you’re working with is level. We found out the hard war that ours was not level, which led to the panels not lining up like they should. Thankfully, Anewall accounts for such a situation and each panel has extra length on both ends so you can adjust accordingly. After attempting to install it first ourselves, we ended up making the decision to hire a professional to complete what we had started – and boy am I glad we did!
The Jolie Wall Mural is probably my favorite ‘thing’ in the nursery! If my husband would let me, I would have that wallpaper in our master bedroom. Not only is the design beyond beautiful, but the mural is vinyl, which means it’s removable and requires no sticky wallpaper paste during installation.

What I love about this nursery more than anything, is the relaxing and inviting feel of the space. I really enjoy spending time in the room, which makes those 3 am feedings a little easier.