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Kelsey Bond

Rustic Feminine Nursery

I wanted a rustic, earthy nursery with a dainty feminine touch. I strongly believe in words of affirmation, so I picked phrases and words I wanted my daughter to be surrounded by as she grew up and could embrace such as being brave, kind, silly, tough, and unique. My hope was that she could enjoy fun whimsical items like the firefly lantern lights, lace teepee, and crystal mobile but also a place of fun with colorful books & fluffy shag rug to play and crawl on. All these items help with sensory development. She loves the lights and is completely mesmerized by them each night at bedtime. She just stares intently at them until she doses off to sleep. These function on a single remote with 8 different speed/pattern setting, have a timer and dimer switch which makes it easy for us to use. We also love the rug. In the beginning  when my husband and I were both up in the middle of the night it was nice for there to be a soft comfy rug for one or both of us to lay on. The room ended up being inviting for all of us to be together as a family.