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14 Nursery Trends for 2019

We’re buzzing with excitement over here for what 2019 has in store. A new year always instills in us hope for the future, healthy resolutions, new opportunities…more babies?! We set out to change nursery design over a decade ago, and the evolution of nursery style could not be more on point. Baby’s first room is finally on par with the latest trends in home decor, and we’ll go as far to say Paris runways—hello, leopard! Buckle your seatbelts because we’re here to break it to you that the ever popular woodland theme has gone Alice in Wonderland whimsical. Oh, and in case you didn’t get the memo, it’s fall y’all—all year round. Check out our top 14 nursery trends for 2019 and tag us at @projectnursery on Instagram if your nursery style is trending for 2019. Cheers!

1. Mad for Plaid. Spring boarding off of the holidays and the height of all things plaid, we predict we’ll see plaid go the distance this year and even take on a modern twist. Cozy yet linear patterns like windowpane and big buffalo checks will show up in swaddles, wall decals, wallpaper and bedding.

Willa Ford Nursery Design - Checked WallpaperWilla Ford Nursery Design featuring White Wooster Crib

2. Board & Batten. That rustic plank wall has some serious competition this year. The board and batten look is not only a classic but a whole heck of a lot easier to implement as an accent wall. This clean and crisp decorative detail pairs perfectly with our next trend, Boho Farmhouse!

Board and Batten in the NurseryBrittney Horton Nursery

3. Boho-Farmhouse. The farm just got a lot hipper, and it’s safe to say that it’s all the rage. Layers of whites, textures, natural woods and a touch of black or gray take the rustic feel of the past up a notch.

Farmhouse Chic NurseryFarmhouse Chic Nursery featuring Two-Tone Wooster Crib

4. Big on Botanicals. Organic accents and the colors of nature took off in 2018. We expect to see this trend continue to grow (wink, wink). This year you’ll see botanical prints on the walls and even expect oversized “leafy” wallpapers and decals.

Botanical Print in the NurseryIn the Nursery with Cultivate Motherhood featuring Ash Wallpaper

5. Moody Palettes. The 70s are back and in color! Plum, sage green, mustard and mauve are making a comeback. It’s like fall 24/7, and we’re feeling really good about that.

Moody Floral WallpaperMoody Floral Wallpaper

6. Dainty Vintage Florals. Brimming with blooms, these florals will have you tea time ready. Like other trends this year, florals get a vintage update. Maybe it’s just the anticipation of another royal baby, but we say these prim and proper floral patterns are bloody brilliant.

Tea Time WallpaperPink Watercolor Flower Decals

7. The Smart Nursery. Smart is the new black! Say hello to the Project Nursery Smart Nursery Wi-Fi Baby Monitor and Smart Soother. It’s not just about our own products but industry-wide children’s products are all about getting connected. Gear coming out of the latest baby shows is designed and created with the tech savvy millennial parent in mind.

Smart Sound SootherSmart Sound Soother 

8. The Enchanted Forest. Get ready to decorate with fairies, squirrels and mushrooms. The next big thing in wallpaper is making your nursery a whole lot more magical with an array of whimsical prints to choose from. It’s like stepping into an Emily Winfield Martin children’s book.

Nursery with Pippie Muralimage by @christinaloewen featuring Pippie Mural

9. Big Blooms. Just when we thought flower power couldn’t get any bolder, they also got bigger! Choose from realistic floral wallpaper, decals or murals and prepare to be impressed.

In the Toddler Room with Indi and BearIn the Toddler Room with Indi and Bear

10. Two Tone Cribs. While the sleek white crib may never truly go out of style, 2019 is the year of the two-toned crib. Mixing materials and colors creates interest giving this cornerstone of the nursery even more reason to shine.

image by @sdasilva10 featuring Lolly Crib

11. Oversized Animal Portraits. In this case, bigger is definitely better. Cute animal faces and bunny tails work so well in any kids space, it’s no surprise that oversized animal prints are showing up in playrooms, big kid rooms and nurseries nationwide.

Classic Baby Girl Nursery featuring Lolly Crib

12. The Handcrafted Nursery. Touches of macrame, woven baskets, and handmade art create blissful bohemian vibes. There’s nothing like a little bit of handmade (even if not made by you!) to make a space feel homey.

Jenna Kutcher Nursery RevealJenna Kutcher Nursery Reveal

13. Utility Chic. Army greens and mauvy pinks, this utility chic style has been trending hard in fashion. Will we see it emerge in the nursery too? Dina Bandman thinks so. Her latest nursery was pink camo all the way.

Dina Bandman Pink Camouflage Nursery DesignDina Bandman Nursery Design

15. Pampered Playroom. On both @projectnursery and @projectjunior’s insta accounts (tip: go follow if you don’t already!), playrooms are having their major up close. We get it, beautifully organized and well designed rooms made just for the kids are both fun and impressive.

image by @harperraedesignco

See past years’ trends: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015.

Narmin Nasir

Wednesday 24th of March 2021

Love the one which is with Indi and Bear, it is so bright and airy. I always try to set up a room so it has more natural light in it, sometimes it's really difficult just because you might be limited with where your windows are, etc. But if you naturally have more light in the room, it lifts your spirit and improves your mood.

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Wednesday 9th of January 2019

Really lovely ideas.