Give Mom-To-Be Outrageously Funny Advice with Baby Shower Mad Libs

Hosting a baby shower any time soon? You may want to brush up on your parts of speech and add a game of baby shower Mad Libs to the party! This entertaining twist on an old favorite will be a hit among your guests and give the mom-to-be a good laugh too.

Baby Shower Mad Libs

In the event you had a sheltered childhood and have never played Mad Libs before, the directions are super simple. Print out a set of both pages for each baby shower guest. First, pass out only page one and have them fill in the blanks using the description to the left (verb, noun, number, etc.). It’s best if you don’t let your guests see page two until after they’ve completed page one.

Free Printable Baby Shower Mad Libs

Then have each guest transfer the answers (in order) from their page one list onto the blanks of page two. The result is a comical—and often nonsensical—version of good parenting advice. Have a few guests read their sheets aloud for an extra dose of fun.

Baby Shower Mad Libs

This baby shower Mad Libs game is available as a free printable in three different colors: blue, yellow and pink. Just click the color name to download the set and start creating your own hilarious advice for the parents-to-be!

Free Printable Baby Shower Mad Libs

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    You fill in your own answers – inputting nouns, verbs, etc. The story ends up being silly because you’re not trying to have the “answers” match the story. Have fun!

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    Hi Brandie, Click on the links that say blue, pink or yellow, depending on what color you want, and download/print from there.

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    The links to print are in the paragraph underneath the third picture. You can select which color you want and click that link. Enjoy!

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    Thank you – I have a shower coming up this weekend on Zoom for a friend and trying to find games to adapt to Zoom baby showers – this will be great for me to adapt. Thank you so much for making it usable to everyone.

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    Thank you so much for this printable!! So excited to use it for an upcoming baby shower!

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