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Our Tips for Ordering Wallpaper

We’re spotlighting one of our most popular wallpaper brands this week—Livette’s Wallpaper! It’s easy to see why Livette’s wallpaper patterns are such favorites with parents. From modern to traditional and everything in between, Livette’s Wallpaper keeps current with the latest trends while still maintaining a classic core. (Psst! Check out details of a Livette’s Wallpaper discount below!)

Modern Soft Boho Nursery featuring Pastel Pink Speckle Wallpaper
Modern Soft Boho Nursery featuring Pastel Pink Speckle Wallpaper

What better way to celebrate this wallpaper than with some beautiful nursery and kids room inspiration! While we’re at it, we figured we’d share our best tips for ordering wallpaper, including tips specifically on how to order Livette’s Wallpaper.

Tip #1: Start with a Sample

While we know you’re excited to get your wallpaper on the way, the best way to make sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for is to order a sample first. Samples ship via FedEx, so they arrive quite quickly once they’re out of production and a great way to compare different designs to help you pick the perfect wallpaper.

Neutral Nursery featuring Black Delicate Herringbone Wallpaper
Nursery by @ciarachanelself featuring Black Delicate Herringbone Wallpaper

Tip #2: Consider the Material

This is a question our wallpaper specialists receive often—which material is better? Easier to install? Will last longest? Is most cost-effective? Livette’s Wallpaper offers two materials to choose from for your room. The traditional wallpaper material is a permanent wallpaper option and will require the application of paste for installation (purchased separately). Whereas the self-adhesive is a peel-and-stick application that’s easy to take down when you’re ready to try something new! 

National Parks Boys Room featuring Hot Air Balloon Wallpaper
National Park Shared Boys Room featuring Hot Air Balloon Wallpaper

Tip #3: Measure Closely, then Measure Once More

When it comes to figuring out how much wallpaper to order, measuring closely is your best bet! We recommend measuring your wall in inches, rounding up to the next inch when needed. It’s also best to calculate just the area you’re covering with wallpaper—there’s no need to include trim or molding to your measurements as these will add unnecessary material (and cost!) to your wallpaper order. If your wall is the exact height or width of your mural, please make sure you order up to the next height or add an extra panel to your order as you’ll need excess for installation. Need help determining how much wallpaper to order? Feel free to reach our wallpaper specialists via email at

Nursery Closet featuring Subtle Floral Wallpaper

Tip #4: Order Everything at Once

We highly recommend placing your full wallpaper order at one time to ensure the panels are printed together. While we can have additional panels printed for most designs at a later date, if you happen to need more material for installation, it can vary slightly from printing to printing. 

Nursery featuring Light Green Botanical Foliage Wallpaper
Nursery by @jenna.m.rush featuring Light Green Botanical Foliage Wallpaper

Tip #5: Plan Your Purchase

Did you know that each Livette’s Wallpaper order is printed just for you? We love that their wallpapers are fresh for our customers, ensuring the best possible colors and quality for installation. We do ask that you plan ahead as there is a production time involved in creating your order. Please check the product listings for an expected ship date for your order and plan accordingly.

Black + White Nursery with Colorful Accents featuring Black Dotted Bohemian Wallpaper

Tip #6: Wait to Choose Paint

As each order can vary in color slightly, we highly recommend waiting to choose paint for the rest of your room until your wallpaper order arrives! This way, you can match your own wallpaper order to paint samples to make sure you get the perfect match.

Girls Nursery featuring Delicate Floral Wallpaper
Gwen’s Nursery featuring Delicate Floral Wallpaper

Tip #7: Let Your Wallpaper Acclimate 

When your wallpaper arrives, give it a bit of time to settle into the climate of your home by letting it sit in the room you’ll be installing in for a few days! We always suggest opening and checking your order as soon as it arrives to ensure you have the correct panels and configuration for your space. Then let it sit out to get ready for its big installation!

Nursery with Gray Botanical Wildflower Wallpaper
Nursery featuring Gray Botanical Wildflower Wallpaper

And, our very best tip for ordering wallpaper is to purchase Livette’s when it’s on sale! This week only (6/25-6/28/2023), get 10% off your Livette’s Wallpaper order of $250 or more when you use code WALLPAPERSALE at checkout. Need to test a sample first? We’ll honor the discount for 10 business days after it arrives if you purchase your sample during the sale. Reach us at for assistance when you’re ready to place your order!

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