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Transform Your Old Dresser into an Ombre Masterpiece!

A few months back we revealed Addison’s Big Girl Room, and the ombre dresser featured in her room took off like wildfire on Instagram. Want to know an inside secret? The beloved dresser was a DIY project. Now, I am the first one to admit I am NOT a DIYer. Ask me to assemble a stroller or crib, and I’m your girl, but painting is out of my comfort zone. So if I can turn a rundown old dresser into something fabulous—you can too!


Materials: 1 can of white chalk paint, 1 can of colored chalk paint, plastic cups and a paint brush


First step is to create your colors. My dresser has five drawers, so I created five different shades, including the original color on the bottom drawer.

Next, pour a little bit of your colored paint into plastic cups. Then add white to each cup to lighten the color. Add (1) tablespoon to the first cup then increase the white paint by one tablespoon for each consecutive cup (first cup 1Tbsp, second cup 2Tbsp, etc.). You may have to adjust the amount of white paint you use depending on how much colored paint you need to cover the drawer and how much contrast you want between drawers. I suggest testing each color and allowing it to dry before completing the entire drawer.

Chalk Paint

Now it’s time to paint. Once you have the colors mixed, pull the drawers out and paint the front of each one. Once you have all the drawers completed, paint the frame. I chose to paint my frame white but you can also add a different color to really make it pop!



This project was so simple. No sanding, no taping—all you need is a little paint and a brush!


After completing this project, I am obsessed with chalk paint and want to repaint all the pieces in my house. Stay tuned, I may have more projects featuring chalk paint.

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  1. avatar Candide says:

    Hi! I’m so excited to paint a similar DIY furniture piece :)

    Did you wax your chalk paint, or did it hold up pretty well?



  2. avatar alex says:

    Hello. I love this idea. Thanks for posting it. I wanted to know if you specifically had to use chalk paint?

  3. avatar lana says:

    Much obliged to you for this! I’ve quite recently completed my babies bedroom set and I love them! ? Can I do something more for them? and if this will take enough place for it too?

    however, it looks ravishing

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  13. avatar DIY Crafts says:

    What a cute idea! Thank you for sharing this, I’ll add this in my next to do to list and try to make one cool like this.

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  21. avatar Rachel says:

    Love how this turned out ! I’m going to be painting a similar dresser but also the inside and sides of the drawers . Did you have a lot of leftover paint ?

  22. avatar Kadijah says:

    Where did you purchase the dresser from?i plan in doing this project and would love the same one you have for your little girl

  23. avatar Lori Rodriguez says:

    Just would like to share some advise received from my local unfinished furniture store. I was told that a interior latex, water base, flat paint could be used to achieve the chalk paint look. I was instructed to sand (400 grit), prime, sand again, then paint and sand at least 2X, then apply lacquer in whatever sheen is desired. Chalk paint in these colors is only available online and is pricey, so I’m giving this a try. Can’t wait to see the end result!

  24. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Linda, Kristin said the paint job is holding up great!

  25. avatar Linda says:

    No wax or poly? How’s the paint holding up?

  26. avatar Renae says:

    Thank you for this! I’ve just finished my bubs set of drawers and I love them! ?

    I tried to attach a picture but it wouldn’t let me – but it looks gorgeous ☺️

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  29. avatar Nadya says:

    What paint did you use for the gold knobs?

  30. avatar Brittanie says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t even pay attention….I see what color you used for the dresser, I just need to know what color you used for the walls so I can go buy the paint..just waiting on a reply..THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH. YOU’VE MADE THIS SO MUCH EASIER FOR ME TO PICK A BEAUTIFUL GIRLS ROOM!

  31. avatar Brittanie says:

    I so wanted to know what the main color of pink you used to mix with the white to get the first shade and to mix to fet the other shades to do the dresser! Thank you again I appreciate everything!

  32. avatar Brittanie says:

    Thank you for the info on the wall decals..I absolutely love them…I forgot to ask you what color of pink you got to paint the walls so it matches perfect. I’m going to scherwin Williams today and need to know the color so I can paint her room today so if you could get back to me ASAP I’d really appreciate it.thank you again!

  33. avatar Jasmine says:

    Where did you get this dresser?

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  35. avatar Brittanie says:

    Where did you get the pick heart decals for the walls..I love this entire picture!

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  37. avatar Carrie Picone says:

    Hi Kristin!! I was hoping you can hope me and tell me the paint color on the wall? I have been searching high and low for the perfect pink and came across this sweet room and love, love, love it :) Thank You!!

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  39. avatar Jasmine says:

    Where did you get this drawer?

  40. avatar Myraneisha says:

    Hello. I love this idea. Thanks for posting it. I wanted to know if you specifically had to use chalk paint?

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  42. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Ashley, Kristin used chalk paint, not chalkboard paint.

  43. avatar Ashley says:

    Interested in why your picked chalkboard paint? Is that a must?

  44. avatar Jenny says:

    Hi! What wax or sealer did you use?

  45. avatar Cindy says:

    Love how the dresser turned out! Especially those knobs!! What color and brand of paint did you use for those?

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  47. avatar Kristin says:

    Ashely – the paint is Annie Sloan. You can use this link to find a local retailer:

    For this project I used Pure White and Scandinavian Pink.

  48. avatar Ashley says:

    What brand and color of Chalk Paint did you use?

  49. avatar Jasmine says:

    Kristin I went and brought raw timber dresser table and brought water pas paint in white and blue not sure if it will turn out like the one u painted

  50. avatar Maria Schiraldi says:

    Love this proyect thanks for sharing!!! I really love the scale of pink !!

  51. avatar Kristin says:

    I took the original pink and white nobs and dipped them into gold paint. Super easy (and fun) to do!

  52. avatar Jess says:

    Where did you find the drawer pulls? They are perfect!