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In the Toddler Room with Indi and Bear

I’m so excited to be sharing this lovely toddler girl’s room with you all today. I’ve been following Raffaela Jenkins, of Indi_and_Bear, on Instagram for a while now, and I just love the truly magical spaces she creates for her family. I’m excited to see where her new venture as a stylist for others takes her, but for now I’ll continue to sit in awe over the gorgeous rooms she’s created for her two littles—two-year-old daughter, Indigo, and baby boy, Ollie. Thank you, Raffaela, for sharing your space with us today! I’ll let you take it from here.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, and I am a big supporter of handmade/small businesses. I love to share all the things I love—from clothing, interior design and product styling all the way to my most cherished little family of four. My love of interior design and styling also runs deep, with my own home being a constant source of inspiration and DIY projects. I’ve also recently launched my own interior styling service.

Floral Girl's Toddler RoomWallpaper

Floral Girl's Toddler Room

Where did you pull inspiration for your nursery design?
I love scrolling Pinterest and find a lot of inspiration from there. I also find inspiration from art and finding prints or colors that I love and playing around to see what does and what doesn’t work

Floral Girl's Toddler Room

Floral Girl's Toddler RoomDoll Bed | Doll High Chair | Rug

What part of the design process did you enjoy the most?
I love finding the products and creating different mood boards to visually see what works best. I love being creative, so I find putting these ideas together enjoyable. And, of course, I love the end result—seeing it all come together and witnessing the reactions from my daughter and others to the space.

Floral Girl's Toddler Room with SlideSlidePink Cushion

Floral Girl's Toddler RoomMrs. Mighetto Art | Deer Head | Floral Bedding

What is your favorite part or detail in your daughter’s room?
The wallpaper! I am a person who usually gets bored of things easily and needs to change things up. But this wallpaper from Minnie and Me Interiors…I am just in love with it. And honestly, I cannot see myself ever getting sick of it. It’s just so beautiful, and it matches Indi perfectly because she loves flowers.

Floral Girl's Toddler Room

Reading Nook in Girl's Toddler Room

What is one thing that you would tell other parents to consider when starting their own nursery design project?
Stay true to what you love. Whenever I am indecisive about what product to choose, I always ask myself “which do you love more” and not to worry about what other people might think or prefer. This is your own home, so you have to be happy with the end result. Initially, when planning a nursery, it can be overwhelming, so start by picking your key pieces and then plan around those. It could be artwork, wall color or something as small as a pillow that you love that can inspire you. Look for secondhand items or cheaper options if you’re concerned about the cost. It’s so easy to get carried away with the process, but there are so many amazing websites out there where you can find pre-loved pieces to save some money. For example, Indi’s wardrobe sells for over $800 brand new, but I managed to find the exact same one secondhand for $150!

Mushroom Nightlight in Girl's Toddler Room Nightlight

Floral Girl's Toddler RoomBed | Mint BeddingWhite Bed Drape/Canopy

Photography by Raffaela Jenkins

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Wednesday 22nd of April 2020

This is a beautiful room 😍 What paint color did you use to match your wallpaper? When I find the wallpaper it says that it is grey, but in certain pictures it looks purplish. I love it!


Wednesday 11th of December 2019

Love the Mint bedding. Can you send us the direct link to it please ?


Thursday 12th of December 2019

Unfortunately, when a link redirects to the home page of a store, it's almost always because that item is no longer available.

Paulette Vultaggio

Wednesday 13th of March 2019

In love the wall color, what is it?

Kristin Lesondak

Wednesday 13th of February 2019

I love the mint bedding but the link doesn't take me directly to that specific bedding. Do you know if it's cotton or linen?

Kristin Lesondak

Friday 18th of January 2019

I love the mint bedding! I see it's from H&M but it doesn't specify which one. Is it cotton material or linen?