Modern Bear Woodland Nursery

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I am so excited to present our Modern Bear Woodland Nursery! This project is very special as it is for our second baby, this time a boy! I knew I wanted to use a deep dark navy blue, hunter green, gray and a touch of leather and wood. The jumping off point was definitely the large bear print and the idea of creating a warm cocoon like feeling to cuddle our newborn. I knew incorporating a large scale tree art print was also a must because being surrounded by nature is so grounding. The furniture has a modern flare which creates a bit of an edge and will be easy to use and live with for a long while. I also chose a crib that could transition into a toddler bed and a dresser with regular size drawers to accommodate a growing wardrobe. Plants and minimal toys were also used on purpose to create a clean, fresh and calm environment. When creating a nursery that will easily transition to a toddler and big kid room remember to pick furniture that grows, a rocker that can remain in the room or easily fit with your other furniture, storage and multiple lighting options. Art and colour is also a fun way to incorporate personality to set the mood and have some fun. I hope you enjoy the tour!


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    I absolutely love your set up! We are doing something similar for our first baby boy. Would you please share where you got the adorable leather door rest?

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    Hello All!
    The leather stool is from HomeSense (Canada).
    The paint is from Canadian Tire’s Premier line. White: Arctic White Blue: Collingwood
    The bear print is large, 24 x 36.



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    Hello! this is so adorable! Doing a similar theme for our baby boy. What color navy did you use on the wainscoting?

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    I am the one who asked the print size of the bear print. My question is now what size ceilings do you have? Nine foot or 8 foot? We are duplicating that wall but thought the 24×36 didn’t look like the same wall space that you have. We have 8 foot ceilings. Thanks soooo much for your help!

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