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2024 Nursery Trends to Watch

Let’s dive right into our yearly forecast for 2024 nursery trends and kids room design. We’re sharing what you can expect for nursery design in 2024 and showing you which styles are inspiring us. Remember, trends are just suggestions, so take what you like and ignore the rest. After all, creating a nursery, big kid room, or playroom should be enjoyable, reflect your personal taste, and bring you joy!

2024 Nursery Trends: Cottage, Gingham, New Deco
Crewe Recliner | Eloise Crib | Eloise Dresser

French Inspired.

When you think of French style the words classic, elegant, and refined come to mind, and that is exactly the style we will be seeing this year. Nurseries with a lived-in look that’s undeniably luxurious will take over for the more organic style we’ve seen in the past. Feminine bows, toile prints, upholstered gliders, and antique-inspired accessories. A mix of old-world style with updated pieces for a certain je ne sais quoi the French have mastered so well.

French Inspired Girls Nursery - 2024 Nursery Trends
Nursery by _morganhunt
Bow Trellis Wallpaper in Girls Nursery
Nursery by _morganhunt (similar wallpaper)

Storybook Kids Room.

Maybe it’s the magic of having a baby, but nursery and children’s room design has always gone hand in hand with classic fairytales. In 2024, it’s time to dive into the adventure of your favorite fable and use that as inspiration for your nursery, playroom or big kid bedroom. Whimsical wallpapers, mixing prints and patterns, vintage inspired furnishings and warm colors make this our favorite trend for 2024.

Storybook Kids Design Trend - Chris Loves Julia x PBK
Chris Loves Julia x PBK Collection
Enchanted Garden Girls Room
Enchanted Garden Girls Room by andreagrbic_

Gingham Check, Mate!

In our 2023 trends post we called out the retro-cool, checkerboard as a pattern to watch and while this eye-catcher will continue to have its moment, we predict that smaller checks and gingham will make their way onto furniture, bedding, and other soft goods this year. So keep an eye out for that!

Gingham Glider in Boys Nursery
Nursery by ourorrdinarydays featuring Liberty Crib and Crewe Recliner
Modern Plaid Wallpaper in Boys Bedroom
Boys Room by andreagrbic_ featuring Modern Plaid Wallpaper (in blue)

New Deco.

We saw a resurgence of arched and curved furniture in 2023 and this year the rounded edges will get an infusion of Art Deco. Our new arrivals category is filled with gorgeous pieces featuring soft and elegant arches and rounded lines.

Eloise Crib in Girls Green Nursery
Nursery by interiors.bymel featuring Eloise Crib
Arched Crib
Bondi Crib | Bondi Dresser
Rounded Nursery Recliner
Nami Recliner
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    Earthy Naturals.

    In recent years, the popularity of boho beige has remained steady for a good chunk of time. Its neutral and light qualities, along with its relaxed and peaceful vibe, are a winning mix, but in 2024, there will be a shift towards a darker, more intense, and earthier color scheme. The current year’s palette is transitioning to incorporate deeper shades of brown and earthy neutrals, creating a cozier space.

    Eloise Wallpaper in Brown
    Eloise Wallpaper
    Fern Wallpaper in Clay
    Boho Spring Nursery by Anh Dao

    Bunnies are Back!

    Last year it was the goose but it’s Mr. Bunny’s time to come out and play. From sketched black and white to pastel-painted, we are pleasantly surprised to find bunnies hopping up all over. Bunny wall prints and wall decals, pillows and lighting feature our floppy-eared friend’s cuteness on full display.

    2024 Nursery Trends - Bunnies are Back!
    Nursery by singularbyfanny featuring Canyon Lolly Crib
    Bunny Light
    Bunny Light
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      Cottage Core.

      Grandma chic, rustic country, a little bit of maximalism, these are all along the lines of that “cottage core” design aesthetic that started to gain traction in 2023 and will continue to be a standout trend this year. Watch out for patchwork furniture and bedding, a mixing of small floral prints, folky wallpaper, and lots of wood tones.

      Shared Kids Bedroom with Unicorn Wallpaper
      Kids Bedroom by @ruckel_och_rodfarg featured on majvillan
      2024 Nursery Trends - Cottage Core Girls Nursery
      Nursery by celesteandpearl featuring the Abigail Crib

      Mushroom Magic Continues.

      It might not be a coincidence that ‘shrooms have been all the rage both in fashion and design, and lately you can’t miss all the buzz around psilocybin when it comes to wellness and lifestyle circles. These little cuties will stay put in our 2024 nursery trends with the quirky motif showing up on baskets, quilts, crib sheets, rugs, and wall decals. Are you a mushroom fan?

      Mushroom Decor in Kids Room
      Room by featuring Magical Mushrooms Wall Decal Set

      It’s Easy Being Green Cribs.

      Green is the color of life, symbolizing renewal so it makes a lot of sense that green cribs are having a moment. From emerald green to sage with shades in between, if you want to make a statement in the nursery a green crib is a stunning choice.

      Liberty Crib in Forest Green

      Don’t forget about the dresser. Green dressers are also having a moment—we love these.

      Wild Wild West.

      The 1950s called to let us know the classic western theme is back! We are seeing nods to those old-timey prints popping up in nursery decor especially in wallpaper. Nostalgia is in, and these prints take us right back to story time with the grandparents. Embrace this trend fully with western cowboy scenes or use a more subtle take with horses on their own.

      Wild Wild West Wallpaper
      Wild Wild West Wallpaper
      Reading Nook featuring Horse Wallpaper
      Reading Nook by christielewisinteriors featuring Watercolor Horse Wallpaper

      Which of these 2024 nursery trends do you see yourself using? Or will you be going a totally different way with your kids room design and become one of our 2025 nursery trendsetters! Don’t forget to share your nursery, kids room or playroom in our gallery so we can see your gorgeous designs (and share them on our social media)!

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