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Rhaina’s Botantical Wonderland



This room belongs to our beautiful nine year old daughter, Rhiana. I wanted to create a relaxed, earthy bohemian feel for her that was sure to build an environment of wonderment and inquisition. I also wanted her room to have gender neutral feel but didn't want to go all monochrome and lack lustre.

All elements are fresh, natural and earthy. I personally like to add patterns and textures to a room by using  gorgeous natural materials, linen cushions, wooden beads and fresh plants.  Especially fresh plants, it totally changes the dynamic of any room!

A big tip to some one who is on a budget but still wants to spice up their room is look up. That's right, look up at those bare walls they are a canvas waiting to be used. I like to style walls, whether that be with feature wallpaper or a cluster of prints and decor.

I am inspired by a more natural and minimalist way of life.  I want to raise our children in the same back to nature approach that I was raised in.

Sarah Happel

Monday 13th of January 2020

Where is this wallpaper from!?


Tuesday 21st of May 2019

Where is the wallpaper from??


Tuesday 8th of January 2019

Your room has been featured in our 2019 Nursery Trends post! Thanks for being a part of our design community!


Wednesday 18th of April 2018

Hi! I love this room! Where did you get the botanical wallpaper?!?


Monday 26th of February 2018

Oh your so kind Beth, I absolutely loved creating it for my daughter!