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Old Meets New in Amanda’s Farmhouse Chic Nursery

I think I am in shock that any day now we will welcome home our second baby, a baby boy! While mentally I am probably not ready (is it even possible to be ready?), I am excited to share that his sweet little nursery space is ready. I’m sharing the one piece that inspired it all, plus stories and sources for all of the vintage and new design pieces that we feature. Let’s take a look!

Amanda Macy Hall Baby Boy Nursery for Project Nursery-184

Our baby boy’s nursery (his name is still TBD, eek!) was inspired by this beautiful art print by one of my favorite local Atlanta companies, Helmsie. I chose the largest size as a focal point over his Wooster Crib and then kept the color palette of the space navy, kelly green and honey gold.

Amanda Macy Hall Baby Boy Nursery for Project Nursery-128Art Print | Crib

Isn’t it so silly that we “make the bed” for a baby even though they sleep in an entirely empty space? It’s always made me giggle but never stopped me from tossing in some throw pillows, swaddles and adorable plush animals for a perfectly styled photo. I love a neutral bed, so I chose this super soft crib sheet and layered it with a trio of color palette friendly throw pillows and stuffed animal friends.

Amanda Macy Hall Baby Boy Nursery for Project Nursery-131Green Velvet Pillow | Cloud Pillow | Fox Plush | Raccoon Plush | Crib Sheet | Crib

I have a confession—I am currently addicted to swaddles. I am loving adding in different colors, textures, prints and solids. And I really can’t wait to wrap Baby Boy into these soft blankets!

Amanda Macy Hall Baby Boy Nursery for Project Nursery-159Honey Swaddle | Taupe Swaddle | Crib

Since this nursery space was once home to my now 2.5-year-old daughter, many elements remained the same and some items are new. This house shelf is new to Baby Brother’s nursery and I think it makes a really cute spot to perch a favorite stuffed animal and book.

Amanda Macy Hall Baby Boy Nursery for Project Nursery-134House Shelf | Raccoon Plush

This wall of books is something that fills me with joy! We hung the shiplap and book ledges when this was our daughter’s room (see the space when it was hers here) and have lovingly added books to the wall for over three years now. I’ve switched out the titles to some of our favorites that we can’t wait to share with our family’s newest addition.

Amanda Macy Hall Baby Boy Nursery for Project Nursery-137Book Ledges | Clock (similarsimilar, similar)

The giant clock has been an essential! And, of course, a monitor is essential too! We will be using the Project Nursery 5″ Baby Monitor System.

Amanda Macy Hall Baby Boy Nursery for Project Nursery-139Project Nursery 5″ Baby Monitor System

Instead of buying all new furniture, we incorporated family heirloom pieces and items from around our house. This spindle leg table was my grandmother’s, and it proudly displays books from my husband’s childhood.

Amanda Macy Hall Baby Boy Nursery for Project Nursery-143Lamp | Crown | Lion | Monitor

Another piece that made its way into the nursery is this vintage leather settee. It was a housewarming gift that my husband and I gave each other when we moved into our home. It’s been a comfortable spot for bedtime book reading with our daughter, and we look forward to making more family memories here—I love that we can all fit!

Amanda Macy Hall Baby Boy Nursery for Project Nursery-168Gingham Curtains | Bamboo Blinds | Pillow (similar) | Throw Baby Blanket | Rug

Flanking the window, we have hanging baskets that display special gifts, vintage books, and sweet toys and items that we have picked up from vacations and travels.

Amanda Macy Hall Baby Boy Nursery for Project Nursery-146Wall Baskets (similar) | Floor Lamp Faux Fiddle Leaf

While I went simple with one large-scale piece of art over the crib, I choose to go gallery style on the other side of the room. Well, truth be told, when this was my daughter’s room, this was also a gallery wall. But, many elements were removed, switched around, and updated to create a look that is all Baby Boy’s.

Amanda Macy Hall Baby Boy Nursery for Project Nursery-170Mirror (similar) | Chalkboard | Animal Art

Photos from our travels, handmade artwork by me, handmade artwork by friends, and a super cool lion head make up this half of the gallery wall. I made the ABC felt art when pregnant with our daughter, and the colors lent themselves so well to this space, it just had to stay!

Amanda Macy Hall Baby Boy Nursery for Project Nursery-147Metal Frames | Globe Art | Brass Lion Head

At the peak of the gallery wall design is this sweet giraffe hook that holds a felt banner in all the right colors. I’m pretty sure it’s against the nursery laws to have a nursery or kid’s room without a whimsical string of garland.

Amanda Macy Hall Baby Boy Nursery for Project Nursery-154Giraffe Hook (similar) | Green Triangle Bunting

Having meaningful artwork on the wall’s of my kids’ rooms is really important to me. I had the opportunity to create a few things for Baby Boy’s wall, including this simple green rainbow and some featured lyrics to a classic southern rock song that I hope he loves as much as I do.

Amanda Macy Hall Baby Boy Nursery for Project Nursery-175Natural Wood Frames | Camping Art

A piece that is new to this nursery, but not new to nursery spaces is this vintage wooden dresser. It was actually the dresser that my parents used in my nursery as a baby! My husband put a little bit of elbow grease into it and we look forward to keeping this piece alive for our son.

Amanda Macy Hall Baby Boy Nursery for Project Nursery-165Changing Pad | Transporation Swaddle | Plaid Swaddle

I told you I had a thing for swaddle blankets this time…

Amanda Macy Hall Baby Boy Nursery for Project Nursery-149Bin | Striped Swaddle

I needed a little bit more organizational space in this nursery, so I pulled in a three-tier rolling cart. These pieces are genius for nurseries and kid’s rooms and since my daughter took hers to her big girl room, we grabbed a new one for Baby Boy in this amazing navy.

Amanda Macy Hall Baby Boy Nursery for Project Nursery-151Rolling Cart | Knit Booties | Wooden Teether | Whale Burp Cloth | Plaid Burp Cloth

Yup, even our diaper pail is color scheme appropriate. This gold will certainly make diaper changes more stylish.

Amanda Macy Hall Baby Boy Nursery for Project Nursery-176Diaper Pail | Bin

Alright! That is Baby Boy’s nursery! All we need now is a little baby boy.

Amanda Macy Hall Baby Boy Nursery for Project Nursery-188

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Photographs by Heidi Geldhauser Harris

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  2. avatar Emily says:

    What about the little black animal figurines? Where did you find those?!

  3. avatar Rabia says:

    Love Love Love your design, exactly what I had envisioned :)

  4. avatar Diego Lopes says:

    That’s a lovely nursery. It’s the perfect balance between old and new!

  5. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Samantha, Do you mean the felt ABC art? Amanda made that herself! So cute, right?

  6. avatar Samantha says:

    This is amazing! Where is the fabric art from?

  7. avatar Karla Pruitt says:

    Omg Amanda! Sarah and I are loving your design so much! 😻 Love your antiques too!