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Taylor Swift Inspired Nursery Designs for Every Album

Today we’re focusing on my favorite MVP: Taylor Swift, and doing what we do best—sharing Taylor Swift inspired nursery designs. There’s no doubt about it, this past year was her year, and it doesn’t look like she’s slowing down anytime soon (hello, The Tortured Poets Department).

As Project Nursery’s self-proclaimed Taylor Swift expert, I’ve got you covered on all things Taylor x Baby. Whether you’re starting from a “blank space,” or redecorating an existing room, we know the process can be overwhelming. Just “shake it off,” we’re here to help! “When you think” of nursery decor, we “hope you think” of us. From Taylor Swift inspired baby names to mini Swiftie nursery ideas, “baby, let the games begin. Are you ready for it?

Taylor Swift Debut Album Inspired Nursery

While you work to create “a place in this world” for your newest addition, why not pull inspo from Taylor’s OG Era? Her debut album was all things butterflies and daisies, aka a Project Nursery dream! Shop from our Everything Butterfly and Everything Daisy collections to create a calming country girl haven. Pick pieces that you know will “stay beautiful” and grow with your child through the years. You don’t want to look back and think you “should’ve said no.”

Taylor Swift Debut Album Inspired Nursery
Green Butterfly Wallpaper I Butterfly Art Print I Beau Crib I Cane Dresser I Green Daisy Rug I Butterfly Mobile I Butterfly Lamp

“Stupid Old Pickup Truck You Never Let Me Drive”

Truck Themed Nursery Decor

**Debut Inspired Baby Names: Taylor, Alison, Tim, Georgia, Mary, Drew, Cory**

Fearless Themed Nursery

Be “fearless” when designing this new room. “Breathe” and go bold with statement furniture like a gold crib and boucle chair. Not only does this crib add the perfect amount of shimmer for the nursery, it is also coincidentally named Abigail, “so soon enough you’ll be best friends!” This is a room you will cherish “forever and always, so tell me why” you shouldn’t just “jump then fall? It’s a love story, baby just say yes!When you “can’t help thinking this is how it ought to be,” you’ll know your room is complete! It’ll be “the best day!

Taylor Swift Fearless Themed Nursery
Abigail Gold Crib I Twinkle Star Wall Decals – Gold I Champagne Guitar as Decor I Kiwi Glider I Gold Rug I Star Mobile I Forever and Always Wall Art

**Fearless Inspired Baby Names: Abigail, Stephen, Juliet, Romeo, Joe, Colbie, Keith, Maren**

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    Speak Now Themed Nursery

    People might be “mean” when they hear about your Taylor Swift inspired nursery, but “don’t you worry your pretty little mind.” Remember, “people throw rocks at things that shine. One thing’s for sure, when your new addition enters your world, they’ll be enchanted to meet you.” Even though I know you want them to “never grow up,” when they’re old enough to appreciate this fabulous room, they’ll be “wonderstruck.”

    Taylor Swift Speak Now Themed Nursery
    Purple Butterfly Wall Decals I Purple Rug I Harbour Recliner I Hudson Crib White I Butterfly Table I Hand Heart Art I Never Grow Up Art Print

    **Speak Now Inspired Baby Names: Emma, John, Hayley**


    Superman Themed Baby Items

    Red Inspired Nursery

    You probably already know this “all too well,” but “Red” is a tough color to navigate in interior design, especially in a nursery. However, when done right, it sure does make a statement. “This is when the feeling sinks in,” and you realize that “everything has changed“—that from “the very first night” they spend “safe and sound” in this room, you’ll have them feeling like “the lucky one.

    Taylor Swift's Red Inspired Nursery
    Red Hearts Wall Decals I The Lucky One Wall Art I “I Bet You Think About Me” Cake Lamp I Red Rug I Wesley Dresser I Ryder Crib

    **Red Inspired Baby Names: Ronan, Bobby, Jake, Ed, Phoebe, Gary, Chris**

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      1989 Themed Nursery

      If the nursery of your “wildest dreams” is a cool, coastal oasis, look no further than the 1989 era. This blue sky wallpaper will “never go out of style, at least that’s what people say, and paired with the iconic 1989 seagulls you can make an understated nod to Ms. Swift without going all out. Add in “pictures in frames of kisses on cheeks” to personalize the room once baby has arrived. “This is getting good now!

      Taylor Swift 1989 Themed Nursery
      Nuage Wallpaper I Sprout Crib I Compass Rocker I Checkered Rug I Seagull Mobile

      **1989 Inspired Baby Names: James, Dean, Harry, Kendrick, Jack**

      Welcome To New York

      New York City Themed Baby Gifts

      They are the Hunters, We are the Foxes

      Fox Themed Decor

      Reputation Inspired Nursery

      Call it what you want,” but I think a “Reputation” themed nursery is “gorgeous!” It’s almost too cool, honestly. “So cool, it makes me hate you so much. The big focal point is the repeating iconic snake symbol with a green wallpaper and more delicate accessories like this gold snake curtain pull. “We can’t make any promises, now can we babe,” but “all the pieces will fall right into place.” I’m even surprising myself with how many lyrics I can fit into this one, “but honestly, baby, who’s counting? Don’t blame me for getting caught up in a moment.” This is the “most fun I ever had. Is it cool that I said all that?

      Taylor Swift Reputation Inspired Nursery
      Green Snake Wallpaper I Harlow Black Acrylic Crib I Snake Curtain Ties I Snake Sconce I Solstice Swivel Glider I Grey Rug

      **Reputation Inspired Baby Names: Ed, Bonnie, Clyde**

      Getaway Car

      Car Themed Nursery Decor

      Taylor Swift’s Lover Themed Nursery

      This is your place, you make the rules…” So if you want all the pink and frills, the “Lover” era is for you! “It’s been a long time coming,” but just think—”you’re an architect, drawing up the plans” for your dream nursery. “And then something will happen one magical night,” and you’ll get to bring your sweet baby home to this beautiful room you so thoughtfully curated. “You know they’ll be a handful, baby,” but you’ll see them and think, “I don’t wanna look at anything else now that I saw you.

      Taylor Swift's Lover Themed Nursery
      Pink Swan Wall Decals I Lolly – Canyon I Heart Shelf I Rose Rug I Madison Swivel Glider I Pink Pillow I Pink Tassel Mobile

      **Lover Inspired Baby Names: Archer, Stella, Leo, Louis, Brendan**

      Cornelia Street

      House Wall Decals

      Folklore Inspired Nursery

      I know designing a nursery can be overwhelming. “The devils in the details, but you’ve got a friend in me,” and “this is me trying. I just had an “epiphany—isn’t it just so pretty to think” that you’re designing the room where “your love will be passed on? This is something, don’t you think so?

      If your partner isn’t quite on board with a Taylor Swift inspired nursery just yet, just tell them that “no one likes a mad woman…

      Taylor Swift Folklore Inspired Nursery
      Shaded Landscape Mural I Hudson Crib – Natural I Birch Mirror I Charlie Dresser – Grey I Cuckoo Clock I Grey Rug I Mirrorball Planter

      **Folklore Inspired Baby Names: Betty, Inez, James, Rebekah, Bill, August, Peter, Wendy, Aaron**


      Disco Ball Decor

      Cowboy Like Me

      Cowgirl Themed Decor

      Evermore Inspired Nursery

      The “Evermore” era screams plaid prints and earthy, woodland vibes. “Long story short,” it’s the perfect era for those of you looking for a cozy cottage aesthetic. It’s also a great option to grow with your baby through childhood and even into the teen years. Something they’ll love for “evermore.” You don’t want them to just “tolerate it,” you want it to bring them all the “happiness.” Think “what must it be like to grow up in a room so beautiful!

      Taylor Swift Evermore Inspired Nursery
      Plaid Wallpaper I Sprout Crib I Mobile I Brown Rug I Gingham Glider I Globe LightLeaf Rug I Marjorie Art Print

      **Evermore Inspired Baby Names: Marjorie, Dorothea, Este, Willow, Ivy** 

      Midnights Themed Nursery

      Dear reader,” as you prepare for “midnights to become your afternoons,” you want to make sure you have a comfortable space for those middle of the night feedings. “You’ve got no reason to be afraid,” you’ll surely find a comfy chair in our Nursery Seating Collection. Navy, “lavender (haze),” and “maroon” are your go-to color palette for this era. A subtle celestial theme, with “stars by the pocketful,” will “make the whole place shimmer.” It’ll “polish up real nice!”

      Taylor Swift Midnights Themed Nursery
      Eclipse Wallpaper I Soho Crib I Moon Phase Mobile I Arlo Recliner I Girlhood Banner I Disco Ball Art I Purple Rug

      **Midnights Inspired Baby Names: Daisy Mae, Lana, Paris**

      Karma is a Cat

      Cat Themed Nursery Decor

      “Karma is the Guy on the Chiefs”

      Football Wall Decals

      The Tortured Poets Department Inspired Nursery

      “Oh, here we go again.” “I can read your mind from the moment you found out “I’m having his baby” thoughts of nursery designs have been swirling through your head. “Do you believe me now?” If your vibe is everything The Tortured Poets Department then “it hits me,” and I have some picks for you. The Swirling Sands wallpaper screams TTPD with its neutral colors that “in this light, remarkable.” “The hospital was a drag, worst sleep that you ever had” but “babe you gotta fake it til you make it.” When you get home, you’ll be so happy to have a calm nursery oasis to enjoy. Everyone will think “she’s having the time of her life,” all the while you’re sleep deprived and “miserable! and nobody even knows!” But when that baby is “gazing at you starry-eyed,” “you already know, babe” it’ll all be worth it. “Doesn’t it give some perspective?” “That there wouldn’t be this if there hadn’t been you.”

      Taylor Swift TTPD Inspired Nursery
      DresserCribRug“Way to Go, Tiger” Pennant“The Black Dog” Body PillowCement Head Planter | Swirling Sands Wallpaper | “Who Uses Typewriters Anyways?” Print

      And Just for Fun…

      Taylor Swift Inspired Baby Names


      Daisy Mae





      And Now I’ve Read All of the Books Beside Your” *Crib*

      Taylor Swift Kids Books

      Christmas Tree Farm

      Pine Tree Kids Room Decor

      If you take any design advice away from this, just remember, “everybody loves pretty, everybody loves cool. I laid the groundwork and now “you’re on your own kid. I’d lie” if I said it was easy, but just keep your “eyes open” and you’ll start seeing Taylor Swift decor everywhere you look!

      Well, “saying goodbye is death by 1000 cuts,” but now “it’s time to go.

      *this post contains affiliate links*

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