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Move Over Leprechaun, Elves Love Rainbows Too!

We’re dreaming of a bright Christmas, one where more than the treetops glisten! So, when we saw the red and green rainbows on this Meri Meri holiday partyware, and remembered our friends Happy Wish Company’s Over the Rainbow Party, we knew we had to put our own Christmas twist on it! And by twist we mean, twisting balloons.

Christmas Colored Rainbow Balloon Dessert Table

Christmas Rainbow Cookies Lollipops and Plates

How to Make a Balloon Rainbow

Materials: 6 long twisting balloons (technical name: 260Qs). We used red, wintergreen and emerald Green, in that order. (Pro-tip: When working with balloons always have a few extras on standby in case you run into a an issue like a hole, or a balloon that just won’t cooperate! We used our backups for floor flair.) 40 9” balloons, ours were light pink, 1 balloon hand pump, 1 low-temp glue gun, Low-temp glue sticks, Wall-safe scotch tape

1. Using the hand pump, inflate the 260Qs to their full capacity, approx. 60″.

2. Attach the 260Qs to the wall using wall-safe scotch tape, we suggest starting at the top of the arch and working your way down.

3. Inflate 9” balloons, make 4 balloon quads.

4. Affix two balloon quads on either side of the 260Q arch using the wall-safe tape.

5. Once you have your cloud base, use the low-temp glue gun to pop on single balloons, filling it out to the shape of your liking. Be careful, too much glue can make ‘em pop.

6. Inflate your extras and toss around like confetti!

Christmas Colored Rainbow Balloon Dessert Table

We decked out pink cupcakes with these traditionally colored honeycomb tree food picks and added a pinch of peppermint-flavored fun with Candy Cane Lane Fancy Sprinkles. And of course, it wouldn’t be a But First, Party holiday without more pink, and these little star cookies brought a twinkle to our eyes!

Pink Christmas Cupcakes with Honeycomb Tree Toppers

Speaking of star cookies, these red, mint and green rainbow cookies from Star Bakes had us feeling as lucky as a leprechaun—err—elf? (Are they related?)

Red and Green Christmas Rainbow Sugar Cookies

Giftboxes make for great displays! We are all about achieving balance on a dessert table, and using boxes and cake stands, like this green one from Amalfi Decor, for height is a great way to show off your sweets.

Christmas Rainbow Sweets Table

We DIY’d our own candy cane cake topper using this garland and real deal canes! It is SO easy. Just snip the small section of garland you’d like to feature and wrap the extra string around the canes—they’re so sticky the string just stays.

Christmas Rainbow Cake Topper with Candy Canes

Our kids got a kick out of these Santa arm warmers, which are totally practical sources of warmth, right?

Christmas Rainbow Cookie Pink Balloon Cloud

How about these lollipops? They are PERFECT holiday party favors and match the cute designs on the partyware. You can order your custom lollipops from Sweet Caroline Confections here!

Christmas Rainbow Lollipops and Plates

We hope your holidays are fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-labulous!

Styling and Design by Royale Ziegler of But First, Party!
Photography by Billye Donya

*this post contains affiliate links*