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Say Goodbye to Scents that Make You Go “Ew!”

You know how the saying goes—babies eat, sleep and poop. They’re content when they’re being fed and peaceful when they’re snoozing, but let’s just be clear about one thing—as cute as your precious little bundle might be, there is nothing endearing about a stinky diaper. Fresh Wave offers a line of natural odor removing products that are perfect for the nursery (I’m looking at you, diaper pail), and this week we’re teaming up to help you keep your nursery smelling sweet. One Project Nursery reader will win a gift basket with the full line of Fresh Wave products (a $68 value).

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Products

From spit up to blowouts, odors are inevitable when you have a baby, but that doesn’t mean that your home should smell anything but fresh. And that’s what Fresh Wave is all about—their collection of products does the dirty work so the only thing you’ll be smelling is that sweet new baby scent. Plus, they do it all with simple, pure and natural ingredients, making them safe for people, animals, the environment and most importantly, our babies.

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray

Fresh Wave products work not by masking smells with scents and perfumes, but by using water and natural plant extracts like lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedarwood to actually remove odor molecules from the air. There’s nothing quite like going straight to the source to solve a problem, right? And the best part is that they do it all without the addition of harsh chemicals, fragrances or other toxic ingredients.

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Packs

If you’re looking for a natural product that will help you keep your home and your nursery odor-free, check out Fresh Wave at Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Ace Hardware, Whole Foods and The Container Store.

WIN IT! One Project Nursery reader will win a gift basket with the full line of Fresh Wave products, including Fresh Wave Spray, Fresh Wave Travel Spray, Fresh Wave 15oz Gel, Fresh Wave Packs, Fresh Pod, Fresh Wave Candle and Fresh Wave Laundry Booster (a $68 value). Open to US residents only.

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