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Introducing a Brand New App for Parents Like Us

I wouldn’t call myself a hypochondriac or an especially anxious person, but the amount of time I’ve spent throughout the past three years researching illnesses and development and parenting advice (oh my!) is kind of embarrassing. I think it’s a rite of passage for the modern parent to fall into the black hole that is Google when your baby throws you for your first loop, but what starts off as an innocent question can quickly devolve thanks to the wealth of information—and misinformation—that’s out there. I’ve often thought that there has to be a better way, a trusted resource for new parents like me, and guess what? Now there is.

Village for Parents

Village for Parents is a brand new app that was created for parents who are in search of a streamlined way to seek out parenting advice. It offers a simple Q&A format that makes it easy to submit your questions, get advice that’s both relevant and reliable and search for topics that are of interest to you. But what’s really special about this app is that all the tips and tricks and recommendations are provided by like-minded parents and experts including psychiatrists, nutritionists and sleep consultants.

Here’s how it works. When you submit a question on Village for Parents, other parents with similar backgrounds (like other moms of three or first-time parents of newborns) can offer their advice. And if your question is really tough, a team of experts is available to offer more specific guidance. You’ll be notified when your question has been answered, and in the meantime, you can use the search function to find hundreds of other topics or even browse the feed and offer your own advice to parents just like you.

Village for Parents

Time is a precious commodity when you’re a parent, so not only does Village for Parents give you an easy way to find answers to your most pressing parenting questions, but the latest version of the app includes two new features that will make your life even easier. When a specific product is recommended, the Product Digest adds that item to the answer feed, giving you a link to find exactly what you need in one simple step. Plus, special discounts on new products are often offered within the app—and who doesn’t love a discount?

Along with Product Digest, Questions Like This is the other all new feature that allows you to easily find tips and tricks that are related to a specific concern or even a great piece of advice that you didn’t know you needed!

Village for Parents

Village for Parents is free in the App Store—download it now to make your life with little ones just a little bit simpler.

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