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Wake Up Clocks

There is a time period in our kids’ lives when they’ve graduated from the crib thing but they aren’t yet old enough to tell time. So how exactly do you keep them in their beds? You really can’t blame kids for jumping out of bed at the first sign of daylight coming in from their windows when they have no idea that it’s only five in the morning. 

A few days of that routine in my house, and I quickly investigated my options and discovered wake up clocks—clocks that change in some way to indicate to a child when it’s time to get out of bed, without having to know how to tell time.

Personally, I selected the Teach Me Time Talking Alarm Clock ($39.99) for my son, and it’s still working even now that he’s almost five. The clock turns green at the time you select, indicating it’s okay to get up. It also features a nightlight, time-teaching game and an alarm.

Wake Up Alarm ClockWhile they run a little more expensive than your run-of-the-mill  alarm clock, they are worth their weight in gold if everyone gets a better night’s sleep. There are several options on the market for these clocks—from basic to all the bells and whistles—so you can find one to suit your child. Here are a couple more wake up clocks.

The Zazoo Photo Clock ($99.99) switches the photo on the screen at your selected time. It works as an alarm clock, audio and video player and digital photo frame.

Photo Wake Up Clock

This adorable Owl Portable Nightlight ($32.99) adds function and whimsy to the room. While it doesn’t show the actual time, it still turns green at the time you set. The owl nightlight is actually portable, which would make it a great friend for those middle of the night bathroom trips.

Owl Wake Up LightWhat tricks do you use to keep your younger kids in bed until a more appropriate hour?