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Modern Animal Lamps

I was delighted to see this four-year-old boy’s room featured in Traditional Home Magazine this month. The room was designed by Melissa Warner of  Massucco Warner Miller design firm in San Francisco.  I love the boldly painted horizontal stripes of navy and white paired with a pop of mandarine orange.  It almost lends itself to a modern nautical feel.  To make the room more juvenile Melissa added a Jonathan Adler Giraffe Lamp (pictured below).  Although I adore this lamp and I think it can be used for years in a home it carries a hefty price tag of $395.

To get a similar look with a fraction of the price, I suggest these adorable paper lamps found at B. Braithwaite in Atlanta, GA.

They only cost $88 each and also come in bear and elephant shapes as seen below.

Now please excuse the quality of the next image, I only had my mobile phone on me when I saw this lamp and it is not available on-line.  For an inexpensive modern porcelin lamp, this elephant from Pottery Barn Kids is adorable.  You can’t beat the $59 price tag.  They are only available in stores and the Atlanta store has plenty in stock (check your nearest Pottery Barn Kids for details).

If you want the option of a little more color, I also like the whimsical MyPetLamps by Offi. They are available in six colors: soft white, mellow yellow, sky blue, sunset orange, hot pink and misty green.  They are made of non-toxic odorless plastic and the low voltage 12v replaceable bulb creates a soothing glow in a child’s room.

The Dachshund & TerriBear cost $59 each. Happy Shopping!

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  1. I want to show my appreciation for ur cool posts! I will check this site again

  2. avatar sigal says:

    i”m looking to buy the elephant lamp but in europe so if same one can let me know the name of the compeny on the tag i will very hapy!!!!!!!

  3. avatar Bibzees says:

    These are terrific and a great find since the animal theme is often used. Speaking of lamps, I saw the most adorable one at P Barn Kids last week. The base was a stack of tea cups…..soooo sweet.

  4. Target has some animal lamps like the last bear in the photo and they cost less than $20. I bought a pig lamp for our daugther, and they can be used plugged in or not (while the battery lasts).

  5. avatar Monica says:

    I would say no to the color lamps, but that’s just my opinion. I think the white ones stood out in colorful rooms, which is what kids rooms should be. It would provide astounding contrast!

    Plus, in my experience, getting the colored ones would invite trouble especially if you have very young children :)

  6. avatar Sarah says:

    These lamps are fab.

    Seeing the paper lamps, I remember my mom used to have a white plastic or paper lamp that you need to fold and assemble to look like an elegant architectural structure, and there were pretty bird silhouettes on the bottom edges. I wish now we didn’t throw it away.

  7. avatar Kendra_L says:

    My kids have an animal lamp in their room (a koala) but I forgot where I bought it. It was around four years ago. I figure the lamp’s too old now and it’s way too colorful. My kids are fast growing up and I am looking into ways to redecorate their room to make it look a lot less childish, but also not yet too grown-up. I’m finding it hard to look for some sort of a middle-ground. And hey, I found these lamps! I think the white animal lamps would be perfect. White is elegant and more mature, but at the same time, the animal shape gives it a youthful element.