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Creating A Shared Bedroom

Our friends over at The Design File asked us to weigh in on the shared bedroom for brother and sister. We put together a few top tips for achieving a pulled together, gender accommodating room. Here is a snippet of what we had to say:


“Due to economic conditions, space constraints, the popularity of multiples or a desire to maintain an urban lifestyle, more families than ever are making sibling shared rooms work. However, good design to appease both sexes can be a challenge. What to do when he wants Spiderman and she wants Hannah Montana?”

Tip 1: Coordinate your kids’ bedding. Create a sense of unity within the room by using the same bedding designer or similar patterns such as stripes or polka dots in gender specific color combinations.

To get all the tips and to read the entire post go to The Design File.

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  1. I can’t read the rest of the tips, the link doesn’t work (( Check, please.

  2. I also feel that the notion that each child needs their own bedroom to be simply obnoxiously ‘American’, hehe… what’s the fun in siblings if you can’t spend fun times with them snuggled in the same bedroom?

  3. avatar Katrina says:

    So the Garnet Hill bedding is discontinued. I found the John W. Golden posters. However, where do I find the flower and car prints?

  4. avatar 3D Database says:

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  7. avatar Barbara Wertz says:

    Any idea where the posters came from? (“NO BOYS/NO GIRLS ALLOWED”)

  8. avatar Cris says:

    I love this! The colors are bright and fun! It makes me want to make my kids share a room!

  9. avatar Bibzees says:

    Excellent tips! I completely agree that you don’t have to stick to gender neutral colors. I love the examples with the colorful rooms.